During Talk 3Professor Vernon Bogdanor on the Impact of the Vote to Leave the EU.

Judith Advent sunday 2016bBrasenose College is pleased to announce that Rev’d Professor Judith Brown has been appointed as interim Chaplain, starting 1st January 2017.

1600s map of burroughThis summer I was given the wonderful opportunity of spending a few weeks working in the college’s archives, alongside the archivist Georgie Edwards.

CharleyDanceOxford is well known for its drama and thespian scene, with many famous actors such as Rowan Atkinson, Michael Palin and Rosamund Pike completing their degrees here. Yet there is very little mention of dance and, having trained in many disciplines for over fifteen years, I was worried it would all go to waste once I reached the dreaming spires…

vivek will lord Blunkett1On the 14th October, David Blunkett gave a talk to the Brasenose student-run PPE Society.

HarteventOn 2nd of November the chapel was packed-out for the first in the Principal’s series of talks on Great Brasenose Lawyers celebrating the life and works of H.L.A. Hart.

RebeccaBowlerWhen I was a teenager I saw the most distant object I will even see with the naked eye, while standing in my pyjamas in my Aunties garden in Herefordshire

ZeevMaozOn Friday 4th November Brasenose will be holding an International Relations talk by Professor Zeev Maoz.

kennardphotoChris Kennard reflects on an amazing career at the commanding heights of Neurology.

NYselfieAn important part of Oxford’s schools outreach is the regional link programme, which has assigned a college to every UK local authority to act as their first point of contact within the university.

Malkiel PosterProfessor Nancy Malkiel is giving a talk on “Keep the Damned Women Out”: The Struggle for Coeducation on Tuesday 1st November, at Brasenose College.

ProfKosterlitzMichael Kosterlitz, who carried out doctoral research at Brasenose College between 1966 and 1969, was yesterday named a Nobel Laureate in Physics for his pioneering work revealing the secrets of exotic phases of matter.

Ian Kiaer 150 225grayBrasenose College is delighted to welcome Dr Ian Kiaer as a new Tutorial Fellow in Fine Art.

WelcometoBNC2As the UCAS deadline approaches, if you are applying to Oxford University, then you might be pondering your college choice.

RachelandBenWindturbinesOne of the first things we decided while planning our trip to investigate the refugee situation in Denmark was that we would travel there by train.

GeorgiHughIt's difficult to believe that three years have passed so quickly; it seems only a matter of weeks since Georgi and I were sitting together in the Ripon Grammar School hall, listening to Joe speak about Oxford and Brasenose.

Open doors BNC1In September every year the Oxford Preservation Trust runs its Oxford Open Doors weekend, on the lines of the well-known Open House scheme in London.


combinesBoseleyThis summer I was lucky enough to have been offered work experience with the archiving department of the Bodleian library, through the university's career service internship programme.

Nugentproteins copyWhen I started looking at possible summer lab placements, I wanted to carry out a placement in Oxford that would be similar to the 4th year of my Biochemistry degree, which would involve a project in a professional lab environment.

roskilde2Nearly a month ago, I had a chance to visit the iconic Roskilde Festival in Denmark. The week was a terrific ending for my first year - a perfect displacement from my usual surroundings in Oxford and in my home town Helsinki.