Graduate Fees and Funding

Graduate Studentships, Scholarships and Research Grants at Brasenose College

Graduate Scholarships

Graduate Studentships are funding awards which cover all course fees and living expenses.

Brasenose College funds graduate studentships currently totalling around £270,000 per annum. Some of these studentships are awarded in conjunction with the Clarendon Fund (for overseas students), and others with a range of departments and faculties for UK and EU students.

The exact subjects to be funded are determined each year. In recent years, Brasenose College co-funded studentships in the following subject areas:

  • Ancient Historycollege_entrance.jpg
  • Classics
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages
  • Pathology
  • Philosophy
  • Politics

The remainder of the funding in each case was provided by either the Clarendon Fund or the relevant department or faculty. Information about available studentships and application procedures can be found on the Clarendon Fund website or departmental websites.

Applications for these fully funded studentships are made via the department in which the degree will be taken rather than directly through the College.

The University website is a useful source of information on fees and funding for prospective graduate students. You will find details of how much it will cost to study at Oxford as well as advice on how to look for funding.  Please visit the Oxford Funding Search to see what sources of funding you might be eligible to apply to.

Graduate Studentships

Brasenose College also offers up to 12 new Senior Hulme Scholarships each year to the best doctoral students. These scholarships are not full funding awards, but are a recognition of academic distinction. The Senior Hulme Scholarships consist of a research allowance of £225 per annum, in addition to the research allowances open to all graduate students (please see below). Senior Hulme scholars are also entitled to certain High Table dining rights.

Graduate Research Allowances

All graduate students at Brasenose College may apply for research allowances. A graduate student taking a one year course may apply for up to £225. A graduate student taking a two year course may apply for up to £450. A graduate studying for a D.Phil may apply for up to £975.

These allowances are available for research purposes, for example attending a conference, travelling to undertake research, or purchasing books or materials needed for research.