The Finance Bursary

The Finance Bursary is located within the Bursary and is responsible for making sure that the College has appropriate financial accounting, reporting, processes, systems and controls in place to ensure compliance and support senior management decision making and governance.

The head of department is the College Accountant, Gillian Chandler FCCA, who is well supported by the Finance Bursary team.

Student contact with the Finance Bursary is predominantly in connection with batels (Oxford University term for the invoices raised to students), which are payable termly, student funding issues, and the administration of student support.

Alice Watson Thorne is the Finance Assistant who should be your first port of call for either the payment of batels, or for any queries in relation to charges, bursaries, scholarships, loans or for any other matter related to student finance.

If you have difficulty with the payment of your batels, you must contact the Finance Bursary before the due date for payment if you want to avoid a late payment charge.

If you wish to talk about student hardship funding please come and talk to us. You may be asked to make an appointment with the College Accountant during busy times.

If Alice is busy, anyone in the Finance Bursary team would be happy to help you.

You can contact the Finance bursary in person, by phone or by email at [email protected] or Alice at [email protected].

Our opening hours are 9am to 12am and from 1pm to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday throughout the year. Visit our page on Student Financial Support for advice about your student finances.

If you would like to pay your batels or top up your meal card using UPay, please go directly to the log in page by clicking here