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Brasenose TowerPostal Address

Brasenose College
Radcliffe Square
United Kingdom

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01865 277830 (General Enquiries)

The area code for Oxford is 01865 if calling from within Britain and 00 44 1865 if calling from abroad. If calling from within the University, the first digit (2) is not needed.

Lodge (General Enquiries) 277830
College Office 277823
Admissions Office 277510
Principal's Office 277821
Conference and Events Office 277880
Development Office 287275
Finance Bursary 277872
IT Office 277513
Library 277827
Bursar's Secretary 277871
College Archives 277826
Schools and Publications 277535


Email Addresses

The general form of email addresses for members of staff (including fellows and lecturers) is:

[email protected]

College Office [email protected]
Admissions Office [email protected]
Conference and Events Office [email protected]
Development Office [email protected]
Finance Bursary [email protected]
Domestic Bursar [email protected]
IT Office [email protected]
Library [email protected]
Bursar's Secretary [email protected]
Schools and Publications [email protected]
Porter's Lodge [email protected]


Admissions and Outreach Enquiries

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For questions and enquiries about the admissions process for both undergraduates and graduate admissions, please contact Dr. Felicity Shelley at:

email: [email protected]
telephone: 01865 277510



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For questions and enquiries regarding school visits to or from Brasenose college, Open Days, or online outreach events, please contact Dr. Joe Organ or Mr. Ben Holden at:

email: [email protected][email protected][email protected]
telephone: 01865 277535

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