The Brasenose Society

Helping its members to maintain a strong connection with the College Community and each other.

The Brasenose Society is BNC’s alumni association.  All matriculated BNC members automatically become members of the Society when they leave.  There is no membership fee.


The Society’s formal Object is set out in its Rules, and cannot be changed.  In February 2021, the Committee resolved that the Society should give effect to the Object by adopting the following agreed list of activities:

1. Fostering closer relationships between BNC alumni and between alumni and the College Community (whether students, fellows, staff, the Alumni Office or the institution itself)

2. Holding a President’s Summer Party and Society Dinner annually

3. Professional networking with past and present members of the College

4. Social networking with past and present members of the College and encouraging special interest groups and societies

5. Encouraging (but not financing) alumni attendance at or participation in College events

6. Bringing less-connected alumni and their ideas and skills closer to the College

7. Recognising the Development Office’s primary role in these, and with their support and guidance, the Committee and Year Reps should be involved in:

- Supporting the College’s reputation, helping to spread pride-building news about the College via social media and beyond

- Building a better understanding of the College’s strategic aims and needs

8. The Society no longer sees its role as keeping members of the Society informed of events in the College but to encourage their attendance and participation.


As indicated above, all past matriculated members automatically become members of the Society on leaving the College.

Committee Members

Elected officers

President – Amanda Pullinger (Modern History, 1984)*

Vice President – Rod Clayton (Classics, 1986)*

Treasurer – Nigel Bird (Physics, 1969)**

Secretary – Penny Andrews (Mathematics, 1979)**

Ex-officio Officers

Principal of the College – John Bowers QC

Senior Tutor – Simon Smith

Bursar – Philip Parker

Director of Development – Liz Miller

Editor of The Brazen Nose – Dr Llewelyn Morgan

Other Members***

David Bradbury (Ancient & Modern History, 1981)

David Clark (PPE, 1970)

Paul Dawson-Bowling (Classics, 1961)

Deirdre Duignan (Modern Languages, 1989)

Drusilla Gabbott (English, 1982)

Amanda Holland (PPE, 1988)

Jane Johnson (English, 1987)

Alexandra Marks CBE (Jurisprudence, 1977)

Donald Rushton (Classics, 1966)

Sarah Atkins (1984)

Former Presidents*

Past President 17/18 – Penny Gilbert (Biochemistry, 1978)

Past President 18/19 – Sir Paul Silk (Classics, 1970)

*Usually, an individual is elected Vice President for a year, and is then elected President for the following year.  Former presidents remain on the Committee for a further three years.  2020/21 has been an exception because of Covid; no changes have been made

**Officers hold their posts until they resign/are removed at the AGM

***Other members are (re) elected at the AGM each year


A copy of the Society’s Rules is attached here as a PDF


A copy of the most recent set of the Society’s accounts is attached here


The Society’s AGM is generally held in September, in College, on the same day as the Society’s Annual Dinner.  A copy of past minutes of the AGM, including the draft minutes from September 2020 (to be approved at the September 2021 AGM), may be found here. The previous approved minutes from the 2019 AGM are available here.