Brasenose has a reputation in the university as a happy and friendly college. Student life can on occasion be stressful, and we are determined to do everything we can to help resolve problems before they become serious. Tutors get to know their students much better than is possible in most universities and are ready to offer help with any difficulties their own students face. In addition, there are a number of students and staff with roles dedicated to student welfare, whose details are below.

JCR Welfare Representatives

LarissaMacH copyLarissa MacHiels

2nd Year Geography student

Hi, I'm Larissa! I'm the female welfare rep and I work with Jack to organise welfare activities within college and generally look after the student community's wellbeing. Oxford can be fairly demanding academically and so its super important to us to create an atmosphere free of stress and anxiety, where students can really feel at home and be in the right mind space to enjoy their degree and have fun in Oxford with their friends. We do a whole range of stuff, from provide confidential peer counselling (for which we have a team of student peer supporters who have all had 30hours of training), to organising puppy parties, free weekly yoga lessons and free contraception. Welfare is a big part of life at Brasenose and we are here to help anyone concerned about anything big or small, just come find us if you want a chat!


JSombrero pictureack Whitehead

2nd Year Biochemistry student

I'm working with Larissa as the JCR Male Welfare rep as a friendly face and offering confidential support around college. Larissa and I put on welfare teas and events such as puppy welfare, film screenings and provide free sexual health supplies. We're both peer support-trained so feel free to come to speak to us if you have any concerns or issues, as we can help signpost you to the right people.



Sudent Support Advisor - Ellie Raikes

Ellie Raikes I provide an independent, confidential support and wellbeing service in college for students 3 times a week. I am a fully qualified psychodynamic counsellor registered with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and offer all students at Brasenose the opportunity to address confusing, stressful or distressing issues with a trained professional. My sole role within college is to provide emotional support and be available for students should they need a neutral space in which to work things out. It could be that the rhythms and pressures of the academic term are affecting you; you feel you aren’t coping; difficulties arise within relationships; you feel ‘out of sorts’ but don’t know why; you notice low mood or increased anxiety; a life event causes you distress or things feel overwhelming. Whatever is happening, I am here to support you. My task is to help students develop coping skills for when things are challenging or stressful but also to help you make sense of your experience. Through talking and reflection comes self awareness which can give you have the opportunity to build a greater sense of resilience, control and a clearer path ahead.

Ellie’s hours in College are
Mondays: 12 noon to 2.00pm
Tuesdays: 1.30pm to 2.30pm
Thursdays: 1.30pm to 2.30pm

To make a confidential booking for a 30 minute session with Ellie, see www.bnc.ox.ac.uk/support

Dean and Junior Deans

The Dean and the Junior Deans work with the Chaplain and Senior Tutor to coordinate pastoral support within the College.

Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service is located at 3 Worcester Street, OX1 2BX. Email them or telephone (01865) 270 300 to arrange an appointment.


baldwin juliaThe Brasenose Chaplain is Julia Baldwin: [email protected]




Other useful contacts:

Harassment Officer, Disability Officer and Adviser to Women Students, Dr Anne Edwards: [email protected]


Read about College provision for students with a disability or special need here

Read information on Transgender and Gender Identity at Brasenose College here


University Health and Welfare Provision:

The Health and Welfare section of the University's Student Gateway provides students with University information on:

  • Health - Details on registering with health professionals, medical emergencies, occupational health and an A-Z of health advice pages on common topics;
  • Disability Advisory Service - Guidance on study support including funding, special examination arrangements and fact sheets on specific disabilities;
  • Counselling Service - Comprehensive new range of pages outlining the support available to students in the form of individual and group counselling, workshops and self-help resources plus additional pages offering advice for those supporting students such as University & college staff, parents, other students and GPs & health professionals;
  • Student-led support - Information on the Peer Support scheme, OUSU Student Advice Service and Nightline;
  • Equality & Diversity - Introduction and links to the Equality and Diversity Unit website and an outline of the role it plays in ensuring no student will be treated less favourably on the grounds of age, gender, race, religion & belief and sexual orientation;
  • Childcare Services - Useful links to services and support available for student parents.

Welfare & Support

Information on the health and welfare assistance which is available to students.