The College Office

The College Office is responsible for administering the academic life of the college. We help with teaching arrangements, organise collections and liaise with the university over student examinations. We can also help with queries about University Cards (or Bod Cards). Current Brasenose students and staff can find more information on the College intranet.

The Senior Tutor is Dr. Simon Smith, who has general oversight of all the academic activities of the College. The role is combined with that of Admissions Tutor which carries responsibility for matters relating to the admission of all students, both graduate and undergraduate.

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The Academic Administrator is Mr. Henry Jestico. He is primarily responsible for undergraduate administration, including collections, special exam arrangements and TMS queries. He can be reached on:

email: [email protected]
telephone: 01865 277823 






 The Graduate Administrator is Dr. Bronwen Tomkinson. She is responsible for graduate administration, and manages graduation and degree day arrangements. She can be reached on: 

email: [email protected];
telephone: 01865 277515


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The Head of Access and Retention is Dr. Joe Organ. He deals with schools liaison, open days and outreach for the college and is also responsible for the college website and some social media. He can be reached on:

email: [email protected][email protected]
telephone: 01865 277535






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The Admissions Officer is Dr. Felicity Shelley. She administers both the undergraduate and graduate admissions processes, and can reached on:

email: [email protected]
telephone: 01865 277510






The Academic Assistant is Ms. Antonia Mansel-Long. She can be reached on:

email: [email protected] 
telephone: 01865 277510






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The Outreach and School Liaison Coordinator is Mr. Ben Holden. He deals with school liaison and outreach activities, including inbound and outbound visits, online events and open days. He can be reached on:

email: [email protected]; [email protected]
telephone: 01865 277535