Vacation Residence

This page contains important information on how to apply for the various types of Vacation Residence. There are 3 types of Vacation Residence:

Note: Finalists applying for Academic Residence over the Easter Vacation should use the Academic Residence form below. Once completed it should be sent to the Accommodation Manager. Finalists only do not need to seek approval of a Tutor for Easter Vacation Residence.

In accordance with the email from the JCR, Finalists are eligible for five weeks of a special accommodation rate of £7.50 per night and get 14 nights free. Any additional nights will be charged at the standard Academic Residence discount of £10 off per night.

Exam Residence

This type of residence is free to the student, and is funded by Alumni donations. Exam Residence lasts only until the day following your last exam and should you wish to stay in College accommodation longer than this then you must apply for either Academic or Extra Residence.  You should apply for Exam residence as soon as you know the date of your exam.  You are guaranteed to be able to stay in your own room until the day after your last exam.

Academic Residence

Academic Residence is charged at £10 less than the full nightly rate of an allocated room. It is intended for students that must stay beyond term time for academic purposes and applications must be supported by your tutor. The deadline for supported applications is Thursday of 7th week.

Tutors will generally agree to Academic Residence unless one of the following applies:

• The applicant does not have a valid study need.
• The applicant is requesting an unjustified length of academic residence (Note to Tutors: amending the number of nights is an alternative option to declining)
• The applicant has not discussed the request with their Tutor

Students on an academic disciplinary warning are still eligible to apply for academic residence and a warning status is not grounds in itself for declining a request.

The decision of your Tutor is final in all cases. 

Extra Residence

This is charged at the full nightly room cost of the allocated room. This is for when residency is required for personal reasons. Instructions on how to apply are below. The deadline for applications is Thursday of 7th Week.

How to Apply

Exam Residence

You should follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the Exam Residence Application Form.
  2. Save a copy of the form to your computer.
  3. Forward the completed application form & the email you will have received from the central University Exam Schools detailing your exam dates (this will be/have been emailed to you by the University no later than five weeks before your exam) to the Accommodation Manager.
  4. Some exams, such as oral exams, will not have an exam timetable. In such cases you should download and fill in the application form giving details of your exam and email this to [email protected].
If you have not had confirmation of your approved Exam Residence from the Accommodation Manager within three working days you should contact them direct. Applications should be made as soon as you know the dates of your exams.

Academic Residence

You should follow these steps:

  1. Download the and complete the Academic Residence Application Form.
  2. Email the completed form TO YOUR TUTOR for authorisation.
  3. If authorised, your tutor will forward the request to the Accommodation Manager.
  4. If partially authorised your tutor will forward the edited request to both the Accommodation Manager and yourself.
  5. If the request is declined, your tutor will email the form back to you with a reason.
Applications should be made in good time to allow authorised forms to reach the Accommodation Manager no later than Thursday of 7th Week. Confirmation of your allocation will reach you in 8th Week.

Extra Residence

You should follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the Extra Residence Application Form from the link below and complete (electronically).
  2. Email to [email protected] .
Applications should be made before Thursday of 7th Week.

Please note:

  1. Priority is given to Academic Residence & Overseas students as there is only limited availablity of vacation residence
  2. All vacation residence accommodation will be in Frewin with the exception of any current Examinees living in Brasenose main site (9th week only).
Other Information

Overseas students in College or Frewin who require storage for some of their belongings during the vacation should apply via email to the Accommodation Manager by Thursday of 7th Week. Storage space is very limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  You must also ensure that your belongings are packed securely and labelled with your name, staircase & room number.  Please also ensure that you collect your belongings when you return after the break.

Registration of Bicycles
All bicycles left in College and Frewin during the vacation must be registered with the Domestic Bursary.