Student Bursaries

Brasenose is fully committed to finding and educating the very best and brightest minds. We invest significantly in access, outreach and admissions, particularly encouraging applications from students from non-advantaged backgrounds. We need to make sure that all places offered are accepted, and not rejected because the applicant feels they cannot afford to come. 

Oxford Opportunity Bursaries

In support of this, Oxford University has put in place an undergraduate bursary scheme, the Oxford Opportunity Bursaries, based on household income, to complement the government grants and loans available. Brasenose is fully supportive of this scheme and currently distributes about £110,000 per year towards this. Approximately one in five of our UK first year undergraduates benefits from a bursary.

You may have studied at Brasenose and not paid a penny for your education.  It now costs an UK undergraduate between £13,000 and £17,000 a year to study for an undergraduate degree at Oxford University. How affordable for families would this be without help?

It is our ambition to guarantee College bursaries, thus helping to keep an Oxford education within the grasp of most households. We are acting now to raise an endowment to permanently provide these College bursaries, ensuring that Brasenose has as level a playing field as possible for undergraduate entry to higher education, a system of ‘needs-blind’ admissions; other Colleges and the University are doing the same. Please consider playing your part in helping Brasenose attract and retain the best minds irrespective of financial background by supporting bursaries here.

Student Support Endowment Fund

Our initial target is to raise a Student Support Endowment Fund of £2 million to endow 20 full bursaries. These bursaries are now automatically available for all UK students from households with a gross income of less than £42,600 per year. Maximum bursaries of £3,600 are available for UK students from households with a gross annual income of less than £16,000. At BNC, that’s about 7% of our UK undergraduates. 

You can establish a separate, named endowment fund by donating £100,000. This can be spread over several years and, once complete, each individual fund would create a bursary for a UK student from a household with a gross income of less than £16,000. The recipient would be encouraged, but certainly not obliged, to give back to the bursary fund in later life - so there is potential for a multiplier effect.The bursary would be protected in perpetuity, meaning Brasenose would forevermore be able to help its least privileged students at a time when they most need it. 

Members supporting this scheme will have the opportunity to meet the young people their gifts are helping where possible and appropriate. Gifts of £100,000 or more will be recorded in the College’s Benefactors Book. You can name your bursary after someone important to you – a friend, loved one, or perhaps an educator who has inspired you. It could cost higher rate tax payers just £500 per month over the next 10 years to endow in perpetuity a named bursary at Brasenose, and to leave a lasting legacy of their time here and how much it has meant to them.  

Any contribution to our Student Support Endowment Fund, or our Student Support and Access work, would be very gratefully received. Thank you.