Brasenose College Honorary Fellows 11 03 17 15Last term, Brasenose College recognised two Old Members, Professor Michael Kosterlitz (1966) and Mr Mohamed Amersi (2014), by electing them to the prestigious rank of Honorary Fellow. 

EducationSympLast month Brasenose held a Symposium on Child Learning and Raising Attainment, to mark the arrival of two new Tutors in Education, Professors Sonali Nag and Charles Hulme.

Ball2017One evening in May, every other year, Brasenose’s quads are magically transformed as the biennial College Ball arrives. This year was no different, as on Saturday 6th May we explored the delights of Odyssey: A Journey into the Unknown.

Projected viewAmbitious plans are underway to completely remodel the College’s largest dedicated teaching space, Lecture Room XI.

oldQuadhalfshadowThinking of Applying to Brasenose? Here's some thoughts and stats to help you decide.

Chris McKennaFor the first installment of our series of interviews with the Tutors of Brasenose College, Professor Chris McKenna, Fellow in Management Studies and Reader in Business History and Strategy at SaÏd Business School, sat down with Richard Lofthouse, editor of Oxford Today, to share thoughts from his forthcoming history of white-collar crime.

Cuppers photo for drama articleIt’s often said that there is something for everyone when it comes to extra-curricular at Oxford, and as cliched as that sounds it genuinely is true.

20170320 104828A vital part of creating inclusive college communities comes directly from the access team in the form of the regional link programme.

ArtsdinnerArts & Societies Dinner 2017 was, much like The Tempest, full of dramatic undertones, comedic speeches and sumptuous feasts (albeit with far fewer harpies).

rainbowBrasenose College flew the Rainbow Flag from the College flagpole on 1st February 2017 to celebrate LGBT History Month.

RachelDunneBrasenose has already taken many positive steps to improve its sustainability, however it has the potential to do even more.

CharityphotoBrasenose’s wonderful community spirit is one of the main reasons why I chose to run for the position of Charities Rep.

AleVersesEvery year, on Shrove Tuesday, Brasenose College’s staff and students gather to celebrate a unique tradition: Ale Verses.

philosophy people kraut richard 168x210Professor Richard Kraut will give the 9th John Ackrill Memorial Lecture at 5.00 pm on Thursday, 9 March, in Brasenose College, Lecture Room XI.

MannishEveryone knows that at Oxford academic work can be a challenge. To help deal with this, sometimes we need to put down our pens, close our laptops, and leave the library.

ACS dayThis February Half Term week Brasenose College was delighted to be involved in two outreach projects aimed to encourage and excite students from backgrounds that tend to be underrepresented at the University of Oxford.

manarSyrian Brasenose College student, Manar Marzouk shares her thoughts about life and study in Oxford.

MrsBeetonLast month Brasenose English undergraduates gathered to take part in a Dissertation Symposium, where third year English students presented their research to an audience of fellow students and tutors.

IMG 20170128 WA0014In January every year, Brasenose College celebrates the life and work of the famous 18th century Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Burns Night is a traditional annual celebration involving poetry, speeches and laughter.


BradleyIt feels like a lifetime since fresher’s week now and I have loved the experience so far.