resize copyThe last undergraduate Open Day of 2018 at Brasenose College will be Friday 14th September.

snehaSneha Krishnan joins Brasenose this year as the new tutor in Geography.

STEMgroupphotoAt the end of August, Brasenose College hosted a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Enrichment Residential Programme.

laurahackettI spent the month of July neither on a Mediterranean beach, nor even back home in Ireland, but mainly in a very cold room called the Archives Processing Area.

March Lyons main park has giraffesI was asked to write an article about my year abroad and I didn’t know what to write or how to write it so I decided to sit down and interview myself

IMG 20180816 WA0002Brasenose has seen another year of high quality sport and great participation from freshers through to finalists.

BNC's Chaplain, Rev. Julia Baldwin, joined us from Canterbury last year as our first permanent female Chaplain. She spoke to journalist Olivia Gordon about the transition from
Church to College Chapel, and the importance of a diverse Fellowship.Julia Baldwin

ellcrine1 copyHaving spent much of my spare time at Brasenose campaigning for political change, and then doing the same straight after I finished finals, when the chance came up to be paid to do the very same on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the choice was simple.

YaseminGeorge copyLast week Brasenose College held our annual graduation event, where undergraduates and post-graduates who have recently completed their courses return to Brasenose to celebrate the end of their studies, along with their families.

RyanBedellThanks to the generous award from the Brasenose College Annual Fund, I was able to take a long sought-after trip to India this May.

Brasenose College is delighted to announce another year of excellent results in the summer “finals” examinations.toritheo copy

Munns CharityBrasenose’s Junior Common Room (our student council) has made amazing contributions again this year to charities in a range of ways.

ChrisFranLookingglassHowever you feel about them, insects have always fascinated us humans. Egyptians worshipped them as Gods, they inspired the most famous scientists’ in history, and they are characters in some of our favourite stories – they become deeply woven into our culture.

Scout Debbie Hall has worked at Brasenose for 25 years! She reflected with journalist Olivia Gordon about her time here.debbiecrop

DDZYTj WsAElbTDThe next undergraduate Open Days at Brasenose College will be Wednesday and Thursday 27th and 28th June.

BOPcorridorAround three times a term, Brasenose students come together to ditch the library and spend a night dressing up, dancing, and delighting in each others’ company.

EmekaIt was over eight years ago since I visited Oxford for the first time during an Open Day, yet two vivid memories have stuck with me ever since.

northyortksOver Easter, three of us, Angharad (1st year Biology), Tom (2nd year PPE), and Joe Organ (Schools Liaison Officer), toured North Yorkshire schools for four days encouraging students to apply to Oxford and Cambridge.

SiddsustainableOn Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of June, Brasenose Lecturer Dr Sophie Bocksberger and Brasenose graduate student Annina Hessel will take to the stage at Wychwood School for a performance by the Yuka Kodama Ballet Group, in conjunction with Oxford University Ballet Society.

SiddsustainableOver the last few months, I’ve been helping start up the Sustainable Communities programme at, a new non-profit founded by McKinsey & Company to tackle some of the world’s most pressing social challenges.