laurahackettI spent the month of July neither on a Mediterranean beach, nor even back home in Ireland, but mainly in a very cold room called the Archives Processing Area.

BNC's Chaplain, Rev. Julia Baldwin, joined us from Canterbury last year as our first permanent female Chaplain. She spoke to journalist Olivia Gordon about the transition from
Church to College Chapel, and the importance of a diverse Fellowship.Julia Baldwin

ellcrine1 copyHaving spent much of my spare time at Brasenose campaigning for political change, and then doing the same straight after I finished finals, when the chance came up to be paid to do the very same on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the choice was simple.

YaseminGeorge copyLast week Brasenose College held our annual graduation event, where undergraduates and post-graduates who have recently completed their courses return to Brasenose to celebrate the end of their studies, along with their families.

ChrisFranLookingglassHowever you feel about them, insects have always fascinated us humans. Egyptians worshipped them as Gods, they inspired the most famous scientists’ in history, and they are characters in some of our favourite stories – they become deeply woven into our culture.

SiddsustainableOn Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of June, Brasenose Lecturer Dr Sophie Bocksberger and Brasenose graduate student Annina Hessel will take to the stage at Wychwood School for a performance by the Yuka Kodama Ballet Group, in conjunction with Oxford University Ballet Society.

SiddsustainableOver the last few months, I’ve been helping start up the Sustainable Communities programme at, a new non-profit founded by McKinsey & Company to tackle some of the world’s most pressing social challenges.

31956869 2004875823173486 2707229972430323712 oOur summer "Trinity" Term is one of sun, fun and getting things done. At least that’s what we’re hoping for as we get through a whole host of student events this term. Following on from the Easter Egg Hunt, on Sunday 6th May, the inaugural Brasenose Holi took place at our Sports Ground

OxBellesThe Oxford Belles are Oxford’s oldest all-female acapella group, and this summer we’re hoping to represent not only Oxford University, but Brasenose College, by heading off to the Edinburgh Fringe to spread some female empowerment and universal love...

TG2018teamBrasenose College once again had a fantastic turn out for the Oxford Town and Gown 10 kilometre charity race. Now a firm Brasenose tradition, the college produced a large team, with a team of over 50 students, tutors, alumni and staff forming Team Brasenose for the run in support of Muscular Dystrophy UK.

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