Alumni Dining

High Table

As a BNC Member you are warmly welcomed to dine at High Table in Hall, once a year at your own expense. Bookings can be made on guest nights Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays during term and you are invited to partake in Dessert after Dinner by invitation of the Governing Body. Members may dine with a guest (please note that the age limit for High Table is 18).

Signing up

If you wish to dine in College, please check availability by contacting the Alumni Relations Office on +44(0)1865 287275, at least a week in advance so that we can arrange to welcome you properly. Please note that the number of places available on each occasion is limited. Once availability has been determined, payment can be arranged via phone, cheque, or bank transfer. If you wish to stay in College on the evening that you are dining, please mention this when you contact the Alumni Relations Office, and they will be able to check availability for you.


Formal business attire


Tuesdays and Fridays: You are invited to arrive at 7pm for a pre-dinner drink in the SCR. Dinner in Hall will be held at 7.15pm.

Sundays: You are invited to attend College Prayers at 6pm in the Chapel, followed by pre-dinner drinks in the Medieval Kitchen. Dinner in Hall is held at 7.30pm.

Please remember that High Table is the formal private dining area of the Fellowship, please adopt an appropriate respectful manner when dining.