Organ Scholarships

Brasenose's lively musical environment encourages a wide range of activities at the highest levels. The college's organ scholars play a vital role in performing and in motivating musicians around college. Much of the music-making is centred on the College Choir, but the termly professional Platnauer Concerts and flourishing weekly concert series ensure that scholars find themselves at the heart of a vibrant musical environment.


Appointments to an organ scholarship at Brasenose College are made through the annual Oxbridge organ scholar trials the year before matriculation. Organ Scholar applicants may apply to read Music at Brasenose,  although this subject is not offered to those who aren't Organ Scholars at Brasenose. For further information about organ scholarship applications, please click here.


The College awards one Organ Scholarship each year, to the value of £300, up to four organ lessons per term with a professional teacher, and a substantial rebate on the cost of college rooms. All three organ scholars are allocated favourable rooms furnished with pianos and in close proximity to the Chapel. Organ scholars rehearse, conduct, and accompany the Chapel choir and are encouraged to take a leading role in the coordination of music at the college, enriching the wider musical life of the College.

The John Betts Association (directed through the Music Faculty) supports organ studies in Oxford, organising a wide range of activities and masterclasses for organ scholars in addition to study trips abroad. The College will encourage organ scholars to participate in such events.


Choral Scholarships

The college awards up to eight choral scholarships and four choral exhibitions. Choral Scholars sing in the Chapel Choir and provide ensembles or solos for concerts and other college events. They are also required to contribute to the wider musical life of the College by supporting or encouraging other college musicians and award holders.

Each scholar is offered up to four hours of tuition per term with a professional teacher and £150 per annum. Exhibitioners are offered £75 and two hours of tuition per term with a professional teacher.


Brasenose College participates in the central Oxford University Choral Scholarship scheme:

Auditions are held during September in the academic year preceding matriculation. No academic interviews take place at this time and applicants are considered for academic interview independently through the standard UCAS process. Only undergraduate candidates are considered for a choral scholarship at this time.*

However, Brasenose College holds additional choral scholarship auditions for resident undergraduates and graduates during 1st week of Michaelmas Term each year. Details of these auditions are released during the preceding week, and candidates of all experience and musical backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

* Please note that Brasenose does not offer undergraduate applications in Music, except where that candidate is applying for an Organ Scholarship.


Music Scholarships

The general musical life at Brasenose is fortified by outstanding instrumentalists, and the college offers up to six music scholarships of £100 a year with costs towards tuition (currently £400 per annum). Awards are open to undergraduates or graduates who excel in music performance or show significant potential. These are renewable on a yearly basis. Music scholars are required contribute to the musical life of the College, performing regularly in concerts and supporting college music in a wider sense.


Auditions and appointments to music scholarships at Brasenose College are made during the 1st or 2nd week of Michaelmas term when in residence.


Further information on all scholarships and awards can be obtained from the Director of Music, Christian Wilson, who is always happy to meet or talk to prospective candidates.