How to Apply

Applicants must first be accepted by the faculty board, committee, or department concerned with their field of study and are then passed to the College which must satisfy itself, amongst other things, that the tuition fees for a graduate's proposed course of study can be met and that he or she can also meet the costs of living in Oxford for the period necessary to complete the course and of any incidental expenses, such as fieldwork.

It is possible to complete and submit applications online and to upload electronic copies of supporting materials (including written materials, curriculum vitae etc). Applicants can also register the email details of referees online and they will be contacted directly by the University. Applicants may save a part-completed form and sign in later to complete the remaining sections. Applications may also be submitted in paper form (and there are a few programmes for which only the paper form is available). There is a £25.00 application fee for each programme of study applied for. This is payable by credit card on submission of each online application, and by cheque, money order or banker's draft on submission of each paper application. For full details of the programmes that are available online, closing dates, guidance notes for applying online and on paper, and a link to the Online Application form, visit:

For further information contact:

The Graduate Admissions Office
PO Box 738
University of Oxford
Wellington Square

Tel: 01865 270059

[email protected]