Ellesmere Society Law Fund

Our vision is that Law be taught at Brasenose forevermore, by the best academics, to the brightest students. To do this requires the College to have specifically endowed, protected funds for Law. Therefore, Brasenose is establishing an Ellesmere Society Law Fund (at the initiative, in his honour, of some of John Davies' former pupils). The specific aim is to raise £500,000 in pledges and gifts to be used as an endowed fund to support Law at Brasenose, currently named after the College’s Law Society. Achieving this goal would offer the College secure funding for the key costs of one of its two unendowed Law Fellowships. This is a key provision for the teaching of Law here at BNC.

The College has a general endowment, which underpins our ability to provide the best quality teaching and overall experience for students.It only provides the College with a third of what it needs each year. The College raises funds through philanthropy to boost income and protect the unique educational experience, including tutorial teaching. Education is the foundation of civilisation, and Law is the foundation of justice. Just like the judiciary, education should not be influenced by politics, and provision should not be reduced because of funding cuts.

Our alumni can put Oxford University on the same footing as the great Ivy League universities, with government cuts having no influence on our undergraduate education. Growing Brasenose’s endowment to three times what it currently is, is the only way for the College to achieve such independence, and endowing existing Fellowships allows our alumni to realize this goal while also commemorating and establishing your much-loved subject for the long term.

Brasenose’s tradition in Law is long and distinguished. For a College of our size we have an unusually high ratio of Tutors for Law to students, as well as a dedicated Law Library, the Stallybrass. At any one given time there are around 45 students of Law at Brasenose; typically 30 undergraduates and 15 graduates. Brasenose has a particularly strong reputation and record of achievement in Law, and our results consistently rank above average.

If you came up to Brasenose to study Law, we hope you will have valued this experience and will wish to be part of our work to ensure future generations of students at this special College receive the quality of education you have enjoyed here. Please consider making a gift today. There are several ways to give and the Development Office will talk through the options with you.  Pledges can be spread up to over 5 years. Please call us if you would like to know more on 01865 287275.



The Impact of Your Gifts

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