Leaving a Legacy to Brasenose

Brasenose College, indeed the University of Oxford, would not exist without the generosity and vision of its benefactors. Over the centuries, philanthropic gifts have supported our students, endowed our scholars and provided our buildings. This tradition continues today, helping to maintain Oxford as a world-class university, and investing in our innovative future.

Like all Oxford's Colleges, Brasenose owes its very existence to the generosity of its benefactors who have ensured that it has continued as a centre of scholarship for 500 years.
Legacies are an important part of Brasenose's history and will be an important part of its future. They reduce Inheritance Tax liability, and can have a transformational impact on the life of the College.

Please download our legacy brochure for further information about leaving a legacy to BNC.

If you would like to discuss any specific wishes you have relating to the possibility of leaving a legacy, the Director of Alumni Relations and Development would be glad to meet with you. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Please remember that we cannot provide legal advice about making your will.

If you have left a legacy to BNC, we would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Alexander Nowell Circle, our society for legators.

 ‘Forget not the College of Brasen-nose, where we were brought upp in our youth; and yf yow wolde procure any thyge to continue, with my money, yow shall doe it beste and moste surely in the Quenes name, whose poor officer I have bene.' (Robert Nowell, as recorded by his brother Alexander in 1596.)

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