Adam PerryBrasenose is pleased to welcome to the College Professor Adam Perry as a new tutorial fellow in Law.

80 Days 2I’ve got to be honest: from the off, Oxford glittered in my mind not just for the smorgasbord of academic delights wafted under my nose (sorry Dr Llewelyn), but also for its vibrant drama scene.

MalcolmTurnbull1Malcolm Turnbull to become next Prime Minister of Australia – Brasenose’s second sitting premier.

brasenose helpers 2013The final 2015 undergraduate Open Days at Brasenose College will be Friday 18th September 2015 - why not come and visit us if you are thinking of applying to Oxford University?

IMG 6448 2If you’d have told me this time last year that I’d be spending a fortnight in Paris, researching my final year thesis, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second.

IMAG24031As this year marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, birthday (and un-birthday) parties are well under way all over the world.

UNIQTo me, the idea of these once symbolised a cruel punishment where kids were sent off to sit through tedious lessons on very dull subjects. However, that was before I got involved with the UNIQ summer schools.

IhsaanFI'm in the unusual and privileged position of having graduated from Oxford last month and being an Oxford student next month.

 MG 8876Earlier this month, Brasenose College held graduation events, where the majority of our recently-finished undergraduates, and a number of post-graduates, returned to college to celebrate the end of their studies.

HenryZeffmanHenry Zeffman, who has just finished his PPE degree at Brasenose College, has won the 2015 Anthony Howard Award for Young Journalists. As part of this prestigious award, Henry will undertake three fellowships for the Times, the Observer and New Statesman. The award was announced recently in the Guardian newspaper.

Elspeth1Professor Elspeth Garman has been awarded the 2016 Mildred Dresselhaus Guest Professorship at the Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging and the University of Hamburg.

KareninLabThe fourth year project (known as ‘part II’) is the most exciting year Chemistry at Oxford has to offer. You swap lectures, exams and tutorials for working as a Masters student in one of the many incredible Oxford research groups.

IMG 4757Every year, six Brasenose students train to be peer supporters for our college. Peer supporters are ready to listen to absolutely anything that might be concerning you, during drop-in sessions or just around college.

why not BNCWatch our new time-lapse film - launched to advertise our undergraduate open days on the 1st and 2nd of July and the 18th September.
The film was shot and produced by Phil Rigley - a third year English student, and features footage from the Open Days last summer.


cincinnati library with cyclesThe last Blurbs of the year juxtaposed super-massive and micro-level science. Professor Rob Fender, Tutorial Fellow in Astrophysics, launched proceedings by inviting the audience to reconsider the reputation of Black Holes.

11023334 10205655748487095 5950144276296089329 n21st birthdays are commonly regarded as quite a milestone for humans. The teenage years have well and truly been left behind, historically it was the birthday after which you could first vote, and it's typically the age at which fresh-faced university graduates are dragged kicking and screaming into the 'real world' to fend for themselves.

SAM 4820The next undergraduate Open Days at Brasenose College will be 1st and 2nd July, and 18th September 2015. The College will be open from 9am to 5pm, and there’s no need to book, just turn up if you are interested in applying to Oxford for undergraduate study.

portraitsTo commemorate the 40th anniversary of the admission of women into Brasenose we really wanted to do something to mark this as students, and thought that it was really important for us to look back over these forty years and reflect on some the achievements and contributions to society that the women who have attended College in this time have made

DanielLeeDr Daniel Lee, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow and tutor in History at Brasenose College, has won a BBC New Generation Thinkers 2015 award

IvyAle2015Ascension Day, which fell on the 14th May this year, was marked again at Brasenose College with two old traditions.