Thinking of Applying to Brasenose?

frontquad2020Thinking of Applying to Brasenose? Here's some thoughts and stats to help you decide.

Our Freshers are drawn from many different backgrounds and there is no stereotypical Brasenose student.

We are very excited about all our students joining us in October 2020 from a wide variety of UK locations, including Wakefield, Warwick, Norwich, Knaresborough, Wolverhampton, Aylesbury, Stockton-on-Tees, Brighton, the Peak District, Dartford, Devon, Nottingham, Saltash, Kidderminster, Skipton, York, Gloucestershire, Nantwich, Caerphilly, Fife, Hayes and many other locations. In addition, 22 of our offer holders are coming from abroad, including Spain, Bulgaria, the USA and Romania.

Nearly 80% of UK offer-holders this year are from state schools, compared to 75% from last year.

anna2020”Anna Wright, now a second year studying Geography, is Brasenose’s student access representative. Commenting on this news, she said: “Coming from a comprehensive school that was put into Special Measures when I started sixth form, I didn’t think I’d make it to Oxford, let alone fit in once I got here. I was especially nervous about moving from a rural village in North Yorkshire, but ever since my arrival in freshers’ week I have never felt more welcome or at home anywhere else. The people here are easily the most accepting and friendly I have ever met, and with almost 80% of our undergraduates also being from state schools, there really is no stereotypical Oxford student. Applying to Oxford felt like a pipe dream at the time, but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I can’t stress enough how much I encourage anyone even considering Oxford to just go for it!”

BAME2020Brasenose is located at the very heart of the cosmopolitan city of Oxford, and is able to offer single bedrooms to undergraduates for all years of study. We have a reputation for being the friendliest University college. In the Oxford Barometer Survey, Brasenose’s undergraduates registered 97% overall satisfaction and the College ranks 1st by this measure from 2010 to present. Brasenose, along with the other colleges at Oxford, provides students with a diverse and close-knit community within which to live and study. We offer excellent academic services, accommodation, food, social facilities and welfare support.

Although the history of Brasenose stretches back some 500 years, we are a modern, progressive and vibrant place to live and study. Half of our undergraduate offer holders are women, and Brasenose was amongst the first Oxford colleges to become mixed gender. We have a fantastic week-long arts festival every year, have recently refurbished and expanded our libraries, and  have opened a new lecture theatre last year. Our diverse student body puts on a huge array of events, including open-air music festivals, holi, film nights, pub quizzes, Halloween parties, garden parties, LGBT+ events, BAME events (a photoshoot to celebrate diversity is pictured), puppy petting, Pilates, a summer sports day and much more. We are very keen on environmental issues and recently won the Student Switch Off competition, the Planet Pledge contest and achieved a Gold Award for Green Impact

bop2020Statistics show that in the most recent admissions round 18% of Brasenose applicants received an offer to study at Oxford, either at Brasenose or at another College, compared to the university-wide average of 17%. At Oxford, applicants are often reallocated from one college to another during the admissions process to ensure that the best students are made an offer regardless of college preference. In fact, one third of successful applicants are made an offer by a college they did not specify on their application and, since all colleges offer fantastic services and sense of community, satisfaction ratings across the University are extremely high.

So, if you are applying to Oxford, please don’t hesitate to select us as your college preference. Have a look at our prospectus, our alternative prospectus, and videos on our website. Why not read some students views in blog posts from Brasenose students Fran, Bry, Tim and Jasmine. Also, have a look at @brasenosejcr (particularly the student take-overs) on Instagram and @brasenosenews on twitter for more insights into life at Brasenose.

opendays2020We would love you to visit Brasenose College, the next Oxford University undergraduate Open Days were scheduled to be Wednesday and Thursday 1st and 2nd of July but please check to see if these events will take place due to COVID19 restrictions. A further open day is scheduled for the 18th September. During Open Days the College will be open from 9am to 5pm, and there’s no need to book, just turn up if you are interested in applying to Oxford for undergraduate study. See: During COVID19 restrictions you could try our virtual tours

An admissions report for the 2020 entry admissions round provides some further statistics.

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