PositionSonali Nag

Supernumerary Fellow in Education. Associate Professor of Education and the Developing Child.


MPhil (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, India), PhD (Portsmouth).

Academic Positions

Associate Professor of Education and the Developing Child.

Academic Background and Previous Positions

Sonali investigates child learning within diverse settings. Her research is comparative with a focus on languages, writing systems, cultural settings and levels of socio-economic status. She uses a wide variety of methods including surveys in schools and home settings, child assessments, corpora analysis, secondary data analysis, and narrative reviews. Her work seeks to develop a nuanced, contextually grounded understanding of child development. Her research is broadly categorised into the study of child-level factors and contextual factors.

Sonali is currently the course leader for the MSc. Education (Child Development and Education) pathway. She serves as a reviewer for national and international research councils and high impact journals in the fields of child development, experimental and developmental psychology, psycholinguistics, neuroscience, education, and development studies. She has been a key note speaker, invited speaker and symposium chair at leading international conferences concerned with reading, cognition, developmental disorders, and comparative and international education. She has initiated and led international networks for the study of the akshara writing system of Asia, foundation learning in low- and middle-income countries, and methods to assess child language. She has written evidence briefs, drafted education policies, and led reform of curricula for the early childhood and primary school years. She has been an invited panel member in agenda-setting meetings for multilateral agencies. She has also supported practitioner networks.


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