Emeritus Fellows

1998    Birch, Bryan John, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, FRS

Fellow in Mathematics 1966-1998; Vice Principal 1997-8;  Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College Cambridge 1956-60; Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge 1959-62; Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Manchester 1962-5; Fellow of the Royal Society 1972; Senior Whitehead Prize, 1993; De Morgan Medal 2008; Fellow of the American Mathematical Society 2012; Honorary Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge 2016

2010    Bogdanor, Sir Vernon, CBE, MA Oxf, FBA

Professor of Government and Tutor in Politics 1996-2010; Special advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Communities 1982-83; House of Commons Public Service Committee; Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize for Lifetime Contribution to Political Studies by the Political Studies Association 2008; Visiting Professor of Political History at Gresham College

2015    Bowman, Alan Keir, MA DLitt Oxf, MA PhD Toronto, FBA,
            FSA DLitt

Camden Professor of Ancient History and Fellow 2002-2010; Principal 2010-2015; Canada Council Postdoctoral Fellow 1969-70; Assistant Professor of Classics, Rutgers University 1970-72; Lecturer in Ancient History, Manchester University 1972-77; Official Student and Tutor in Ancient History, Christ Church 1977-2002; Senior Censor, Christ Church 1988-90; British Academy Reader, 1991-93; Fellow of the British Academy, 1994-; Director, Centre for Study of Ancient Documents, 1995-; Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries 1999-2017; President, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 2001-5; Vice-President (Humanities) of the British Academy 2013-7

2012    Boyd, Charles Adam Richard, FmedSci BM Lond,
            BSc MA DPhil Oxf

Fellow in Medicine, 1980-2012; Lifetime achievement award for high quality and sustained commitment to education throughout his career, University of Oxford 2016

2001    Cook, Peter Richard, MA DPhil Oxf  

Stothbert Research Fellow 1969-1971; Senior Research Fellow 1971-2; University Lecturer in Pathology 1972; Elected to Chair at Lincoln College 2000

2016    Cooper, Richard Anthony, MA DLitt DPhil Oxf, Hon Dr Tours

Fellow in Modern Languages 1977-2016; Vice-Principal 2007-2010; Lecturer in French, Lancaster University 1971-77;  Junior Proctor 1982-83; appointed Commendatore dell'Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana 2003; appointed Commandeur des Palmes Académiques 2012; Chair, Modern Languages Faculty Board 2012-16; Master of St Benet’s Hall Oxford 2018-22; Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship 2018-20

2011    Courakis, Anthony Stylianos, BA(Econ) Manc, MA Oxf

Official Fellow in Economics 1974-2011; Ambassador of Greece to the OECD and Member of the Council of the OECD 2004-2007; Member of the Governing Board of the International Energy Agency 2004-2007

2017    Daniel, Ronald William, BSc Brun, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, CEng, MIEE

Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science 1985-2017; Junior Proctor 2005-6; Vice Principal 2012-2015

2010    Evans, Robert John Weston, MA PhD Camb, MA DPhil Oxf

Fellow in Modern History 1968-1997; Regius Professor of Modern History and Fellow of Oriel College Oxford 1997-2011; Fellow of the Austrian, British and Hungarian Academies and of the Learned Societies of the Czech Republic and Wales; Hon Dr ELTE (Budapest), Cambridge, and Charles Univ (Prague) 

2021   Garman, Elspeth. Frances, BSc Durh, DPhil Oxf, Hon. D.Sc. Durh

Professor of Molecular Biophysics 2009-2021; Organising Tutor in Biochemistry to 2022; Nicholas Kurti Senior Research Fellowship 2009-2013; 2017-2021; Supernumerary Fellow 2013-2017; GB member 2013-2020; Tutor for Graduates 2013-2017. Received Lifetime Achievement Oxford University Teaching Award from the Medical Sciences Division 2021

2001    Gasser, Robert Paul Holland, MA DPhil Oxf

Bursar 1982-2001; Junior Proctor 1968-9; Vice-Chairman, General Board of the Faculties, 1978-80

2014    Haydon, Richard Geoffrey, MA PhD Camb, MA Oxf

Fellow in Mathematics 1975-2012; Vice-Principal 2010-2012

1992    Hockaday, Thomas Derek, MA, BSc, BM, BCh, D.Phil (Oxf),

Alumnus (Animal Physiology, 1947); Fellow in Medicine 1978-1992; Consultant Physician, Oxford Hospitals 1966-1992; Director Sheikh Rashid Diabetes Unit 1980-1992

2020    Houlsby, Guy Tinmouth, MA DSc Oxf, PhD Camb, FICE, FREng

Professorial Fellow of Civil Engineering 1991-2020; JRF, Balliol College 1980-83; Tutorial Fellow, Keble College 1983-91

2011    Ingram, Martin John, MA DPhil Oxf 

Fellow in Modern History 1989-2011

2009    Knowland, John Sebastian, MA DPhil Oxf

Bursar 2001-2009

2003    Peach, John Vincent, MA DPhil Oxf

Junior Research Fellow 1964-68; Fellow in Physics 1968-2003; Senior Dean 1972-1976; Tutor for Admissions 1986-1991; Vice-Principal 1991-1993; Senior Tutor 2002-2003

2017    Popplewell, David Arthur, BSc Leeds, DPhil Sussex

Fellow in Psychology 2006-2017; Supernumerary Fellow 1997-2006; Received Oxford Teaching Award from the Medical Sciences Division 2011

2003    Proudfoot, Nicholas Jarvis, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, FRS

Fellow in Biochemistry 1982-2003; Junior Research Fellow St John’s College, Cambridge 1976–79; Senior Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology, 1979–80; Research Associate Harvard University 1980–81; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award 2002–7; Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society 2005

2008    Richards, Bernard Arthur, BLitt MA DPhil Oxf

Alumnus (English, 1959); Fellow in English 1972-1996

2008    Richards, William Graham, CBE, MA DPhil DSc Oxf, FRS

Alumnus (Chemistry, 1958); Fellow in Chemistry 1966-2008; Research Fellow Balliol College, Oxford 1964; Research Fellow, CNRS Paris 1965; Awarded the Marlow Medal 1972; Resident Scholar, Stanford University 1975-76; Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley 1975-76; Visiting Professor, Stanford University 1978-82; Editor, Journal of Molecular Graphics 1984-96; Received the Award for Theoretical Chemistry from the Royal Society of Chemistry 1989; Member of the Board of Directors, Association for International Cancer Research 1995-99; Awarded the Lloyd of Kilgerran Prize from the Foundation for Science and Technology 1996; Director, Oxford Molecular Gp plc 1989-99 (Founding Scientist 1989, Chairman 1990-93); Director and Cofounder Oxford University Innovation 1994-; Foundation for Science and Technology 1996; Chairman of Oxford University's Chemistry Department 1997-2006; Received the Mullard Award from the Royal Society 1998; Director, Catalyst Biomedica Ltd 1998-2003;  Director IP2IPO Group Plc 2000- (Chairman 2004-); Received CBE 2001; Chairman and Founding Scientist, Oxford Drug Design Ltd 2002-; Awarded Italgas Prize 2001; Received award for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, American Chemical Society 2004; Named one of the UK’s Top 100 Scientists in The Times Newspaper's Eureka Magazine 2010; Elected to the Fellowship of the Learned Society of Wales 2011; Received the Richard J. Bolte Sr. Award, Science History Institute 2018; Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society 2018

2004    Rowett, John Spencer, OBE, MA DPhil Oxf

Fellow in Modern History 1980-1999; honorary D.Litt for services to African tertiary education; Warden, Rhodes House, Oxford 1999-2004; Secretary-General, Association of Commonwealth Universities 2004-07

2010    Solymar, Laszlo, MA Oxf, PhD Budapest, FRS

Fellow in Engineering 1966-86; Lecturer, Technical University, Budapest 1952-53; Research Engineer, Research Institute for Telecommunications, Budapest 1953-56; Research Engineer at Standard Telecom Labs, Harlow 1956-65; Visiting Professor at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris 1965-66; Visiting Professor at Technical University of Denmark 1972-73; Consultant at Thomson-CSF, Orsay 1984; Fellow of Hertford College, Oxford,1986-97; Consultant at British Telecom, 1986-88; Consultant at GEC Wembley, 1986-88; Visiting Professor at University of Osnabrück 1987; Consultant at Pilkington Technol. Centre 1989-90; Visiting Professor at Technical University of Berlin 1990; Awarded the Faraday Medal from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 1992; Visiting Professor at University of Autónoma, Madrid 1993 and 1995; Visiting Professor at Technical University, Budapest 1994; Elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society 1995; Senior Research Fellow, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College London, 2004-