Supernumerary Fellow and Lecturer in Classics, Brasenose College
Emeritus Fellow, St Anne's College
Quondam Fellow, All Souls College
University Public Orator


MA, DPhil

Academic Background and Previous Positions

Studied Classics and Oriental Studies, Oxford University; JRF and Research Fellow, Wolfson College, and Indian Institute Librarian, Bodleian Library, 1977-87; Master of the Queen's Scholars and Head of Classics, Westminster School, London, 1987-2010; Visiting Fellow of the Humanities Council, Princeton University, 1991; Visiting Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford, 2004-5; Supernumerary Fellow and Lecturer in Classics, St Anne's College, 2010-23. Fellow, All Souls College, 2014-16. Public Orator from 2016.

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Latin, Greek and Sanskrit language and literature. Plato and Greek Philosophy. Latin poetry. Greek and Roman drama. Some areas of musicology.

Graduate Teaching Areas

Classical South Asian studies, especially musicology through Indian language sources.

Research Interests

Indian music theory and history. Plato and Greek Philosophy. Published books, articles and reviews in Greek, Latin and Sanskrit literary subjects, translations from German and Italian. Music, especially South Asian.


[email protected]


St Anne's College

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