Tutorial Fellow in Physical Chemistry, Brasenose College
Dean, Brasenose College
Reader in Theoretical Chemistry


Physical Chemistry


BA, MA, D.Phil (all from Oxford)

Academic Background

Undergraduate in Chemistry at Oxford (1987-1991)

D.Phil in Physical Chemistry supervised by Professor P A Madden (1991-1994)

Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Metallforschung, Stuttgart (1994-1996)

Royal Society Research Fellow, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Lab., Oxford (1996-2001)

Royal Society Research Fellow, Dept. of Chemistry, University College London (2001-2004)

Reader in Physical and Computational Chemistry, University College London (2004-2007)

Reader in Theoretical Chemistry and Tutorial Fellow in Physical Chemistry (2007 to date)

Undergraduate Teaching

I cover all aspects of the Physical Chemistry component of Oxford's four year MChem degree

Research Interests

The primary focus of work in my group is on the construction, development and application of relatively simple potential models.
The use of such models allows a wide range of systems, with potentially unique properties, to be accessed.
For example, present research in progress includes the study of the formation of low-dimensional crystal structures,
network-forming liquids and glasses, the extension of known phase diagrams, polyamorphism and
nanoparticle self-assembly.

Recent publications

[1] A density-driven phase transition between semiconducting and metallic polyamorphs of silicon. McMillan,P.F., Wilson,M., Daisenberger,D., and Machon,D., Nature Materials, 4, 680, 2005.

[2] Intermediate-Range Order in Molten Network-forming Systems. Sharma,B.K., and Wilson,M., Phys. Rev. B., 73, 060201, 2006.

[3] The Formation of Low-dimensional Inorganic Nanotube Crystallites in Carbon Nanotubes. Wilson,M., J. Chem. Phys. 124, 124706, 2006.

[4] The Formation of Low-Dimensional Metal Trihalide Crystals in Carbon Nanotubes. Wilson,M., and Friedrichs,S., Acta. Crys. A, 62, 287, 2006.

[5] A Transferable Interaction Model for Al2O3. Jahn,S., Madden,P.A., and Wilson,M., Phys. Rev. B. 74, 024112, 2006.

[6] Structural Studies and Polymorphism in Amorphous Solids and Liquids at High Pressure. Wilding,M.C., Wilson,M., and McMillan,P.F., Chem. Soc. Rev., 35, 964, 2006.

[7] Formation of, and Ion-Transport in, Low-dimensional Crystallites in Carbon Nanotubes. Wilson,M., J. Chem. Soc: Faraday Trans., 134, 283, 2007.

[8] High pressure x-ray scattering and computer simulation studies of density-induced polyamorphism in silicon. Daisenberger,D., Wilson,M., McMillan,P.F., Quesada Cabrera,R., Wilding,M.C., and Machon.D., Phys. Rev. B, 75, 224118, 2007.

[9] Shock-induced transformation of olivine to a new (Mg,Fe)2SiO4) polymorph in Martian meteorites. van de Moortèle,B., Reynard,B., Beck,P., Gillet,P., Wilson,M., McMillan,P.F., and Jahn,S Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 261, 469-475, 2007.

Email address

[email protected]



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