Supernumerary Fellow in Genitourinary Medicine and Postgraduate Medical Education, Brasenose College
Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Medicine,
Diversity and Equality Office & Harrassment Officer, Brasenose College
Associate Postgraduate Dean and Director of the Oxford Foundation School


Genitourinary Medicine and Post graduate medical education


BA (Hons) Oxon Physiological Sciences, MA Oxon, BM BCh, FRCP

Academic Background

Undergraduate at Oxford completing preclinical medicine and BA in Physiological Sciences followed by clinical training in Oxford leading to Bachelor Medicine and Bachelor surgery. Subsequent training in Oxford, and in London at the Middlesex followed by Lecturer appointment at St Thomas in GU medicine. Appointed to NHS consultant post in Oxford in 1988 and subsequently Honorary Senior Lecturer University of Oxford. Appointed Women's Adviser and Fellow Brasenose 1995.

Undergraduate Teaching

Provide teaching to Clinical Medical Students and organise the patient/doctor course for Brasenose undergraduate medical students. Also responsible for the Oxford Foundation School which delivers postgraduate training for medical graduates leading to full registration and completion of Foundation Training (~400 trainees)

Research Interests

Linked research with Professor Goulder and Professor Rodney Phillips looking at long term responses to chronic HIV infection - providing the clinical elements. Other areas - the Vulval Pain Syndromes, and medical education.

Publications include

Edwards, A. Vulval pain. Medicine 2005; 33:10:88-90 Leslie AJ, Price DA, Mkhize P, Bishop K, Rathod A, Day C, Crawford H, Honeyborne I, Asher TE, Luzzi GA, Edwards A, Rousseau CM Mullins JI, Tudor- Williams G, Novelli V, Brander C, Douek DC, Kiepiela P, Walker BD, Goulder PJR. Differential selection pressure exerted on HIV by CTL targeting identical epitopes but restricted by distinct HLA alleles from the same HLA supertype. J Immunol, 2006 in press

Leslie AJ, Pfafferott KJ, Chetty P, Draenert R, Addo MM, Feeney M, Tang Y, Holmes EC, Allen T, Prado JG, Altfeld M, Brander C, Dixon C, Ramduth D, Jeena P, Thomas SA, John AS, Roach TA, Kupfer B, Luzzi G, Edwards A, Taylor G, Lyall H, Tudor-Williams G, Novelli V, Martinez-Picado J, Kiepiela P, Walker BD, Goulder PJR. HIV evolution: CTL escape mutation and reversion after transmission. Nat Med, 2004, 10: 282-9.

Email address

[email protected] or [email protected]

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