Principal's Blog: 15th June

Congratulations to the HCR for organising another excellent zoom blurbs on 11 June. The SCR speaker was Dr John Willan, our Fellow of Clinical Medicine and a Consultant Haematologist at the John Radcliffe. In his talk "COVID-19 - a hospital doctor's perspective." He discussed his COVID-19 related research findings and the impact of COVID-19 on the delivery of patient care. He gave some examples from his own cases including one undergoing chemotherapy. It was especially interesting that he gave some multiple choice questions for the audience to answer about the dilemmas faced by a doctor.

The HCR speaker was Colton Wade, who is an MPhil student in Socio-Legal Research and our HCR Student Union Representative. He presented insights from his work on "Corruption in the Capitol: A look at Brazil, America, and how we wrest power from those who abuse it". This included reference to a recent case of fraud in the supply of ventilators.

I have been in touch with our large alumni student body in Hong Kong to check they are ok in the emergency. There were some interesting responses about the political situation there.

We had a wonderful virtuial Leavers Service which can be found here:

Our Vice Principal Llewelyn Morgan was recently on Radio 4 talking about Suetonius. You can listen at

and our former Vice Principal Sos Eltis was quoted on whether students should defer next year on the Today programme.

We are glad to note that a the company which Graham Richards founded and still chairs, Oxford Drug Design, has been shortlisted for a CogX award in the category ‘Best AI Product Health’

Like most of you I am sure, I have been joining various events by MSTeams or zoom. Our staff coffee morning was excellent and enables us to keep in touch and “see” people. I also joined the excellent Oxford Law Faculty event last week which attracted a massive viewership.

I have been reading The Ratline by Philippe Sands and in preparation for my Principal’s Conversation, Tim Harford’s The Next Fifty Things that made the Modern Economy and Diane Coyle’s Markets, State and People. Both are excellent reads.

Keep safe and well.

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