Principal's Blog: 6th June

blogBowerscrop1The scenes in the USA are shocking. I was one of the authors of a letter to The Guardian which was signed by all of the Oxford Heads of Colleges. I am pleased that we have recently initiated a scholarship for Black and Ethnic Minority students in Criminal Justice. The two inaugural D.Phil. Criminology students next year are jointly-funded by Brasenose and the Law Faculty. The College has also fully funded a Masters in Education scholarship for Black UK graduates wishing to train to become teachers or who are established teachers with aspirations to take leadership roles in schools. We were also about to launch our Diversity Volunteers Network when the pandemic intervened.

College Quiz:
The first ever Brasenose online staff quiz by Zoom was held on Tuesday 2 June, hosted by James Hellyer (Accommodation Manager) and Henry Jestico (Academic Administrator). 5 teams and over 20 staff members took part, and the quiz was won by the Development Office team with an impressive 27/30. We are hoping to make these a regular feature while lockdown is in place and most people are working from home. Test yourselves by these killer questions:

Q1: Johnny Logan was the first person to win what more than once?

Q2: Lord Byron was the first person to be commemorated in what way?


A1:Eurovision Song Contest (won 1980 and 1987 as performer, and songs he composed came 2nd in 1984 and won in 1992)

A2: Blue Plaque                      

Andy now Lord Burrows:
We send our congratulations to Lord Andrew Burrows who was sworn in on 2 June as a Justice of the UK Supreme Court:

Awards galore:
It is great to hear that Samuel Aroney (a DPhil student and current holder of the Oxford Australia Scholarship) has been awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Education Award for the course ‘An Introduction to Computer Programming for Life Scientists’.

Prof Russell Foster was given the Daylight Award and prize (100,000 Euro) this year -

Brasenose College has three alumni included in the 2020 New Zealand Honours list. They are:

  1. Professor Jane Harding (1978 Rhodes Scholar)
    DNZM Honour for services to neonatology and perinatology
  2. Professor Marston Conder (1977)
    ONZM Honour for services to mathematics
  3. Dr David Butler (1972)
    QSM Honour for services to conservation

I have been attending by zoom lectures on the Jewish Country House, a project co-ordinated by Prof Abigail Green.

I am sure we all cannot wait to get back to our wonderful college.

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