Student Blog: Ripon at Brasenose three years on

GeorgiHugh"It's difficult to believe that three years have passed so quickly; it seems only a matter of weeks since Georgi and I were sitting together in the Ripon Grammar School hall, listening to Joe Organ, the College Schools Officer, speak about Oxford and Brasenose. We have both enjoyed the most wonderful three years at the College, and are extremely sad to be leaving- almost as sad as we were to leave school. I could not have been happier to have chosen Brasenose: it enjoys a number of unique advantages, and lives entirely up to its shibboleth as the friendliest college in Oxford. 

I was also particularly grateful to have Georgi also at Brasenose for the last three years. Particularly when coming up to the college- and leaving the warmest, happiest community at Ripon- it was invaluable to have one of my best friends always around the college, ready for a hug, cup of tea and a chat. It will be extremely peculiar and sad not to have Georgi around as I take my next steps into the adult world.

It was striking to me how much Georgi and I had enjoyed our time at school when compared to other students at Brasenose. I know this is an experience that was replicated for Ripon Grammar alumni across other universities. It is also very telling that school friendship groups continue to flourish, even as we disperse geographically around the country. It is a true testament to the extraordinary nature of the school.

I am unbelievably grateful to the two educational establishments that have shepherded me through the second decade of my life"

Both Georgi (Medicine) and Hugh (PPE) attended Ripon Grammar, a state school in North Yorkshire, before studying at Brasenose College Oxford. Both achieved a first class undergraduate degree. Hugh will be working at the Treasury from this autumn, while Georgi will be continuing with the clinical phase of her medical training in Oxford. Both will be sadly missed at Brasenose. Read more about applying to Brasenose College.

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