Third Party Security Assessment


Brasenose College’s due diligence, as it relates to the security of its data, requires it to assess the information security control arrangements of any third-party partners or suppliers that accesses, stores or processes College data. These arrangements must provide assurance that College information will be appropriately secured and comply with the handling rules for the information.

The self-assessment tool for third parties, called the Third Party Security Assessment (TPSA), has been developed for this purpose.

The TPSA assesment can be downloaded by clicking here

Where should I send the completed TPSA?

Once you have completed the TPSA, please send it to:

[email protected]

We would advise password protecting responses. If files have been password protected, including a telephone number of a contact the College can ring to ask it would be helpful.

Please note, all TPSA submissions are held in confidence – they will not be passed on or accessed by any third parties.

Getting Help?

If you need help with any part of the TPSA process you can contact the College ICT team on

01865 277513


[email protected]