Medical Tutors

Paul Dennis
Samira Lakhal-Littleton
John Willan (clinical)


Phillip Drennan
David Grant
Julia Pakpoor
Charis Manganis
Anne Edwards

Research Fellows
Professor Russell Foster
Professor Philip Goulder
Professor Christopher Kennard
Professor John Todd



We admit six Medicine students each year. The admissions process for Medicine is handled jointly with all Oxford Colleges: see the Study Medicine at Oxford Pre-Clinical pages for details. Short-listed candidates who express a preference for Brasenose in their application will usually be interviewed here and at one other College.

The Course

Please read about the Course Structure for the Medical course. At Brasenose, the College teaching team is strong in most areas of the preclinical course, and so you will be taught by a College fellow once or twice a week throughout your first two years. In your third year, depending on your specialist interests, you will be taught by a wider range of Oxford scientists, in addition to the Brasenose tutors. The College tutorials are an opportunity for you to explore the medical sciences in depth, and aim to develop your abilities to analyse data, offer constructive criticism and make persuasive, reasoned arguments. The format of tutorials ranges from one-to-one conversations based on an extended writing assignment to small group, problem-based discussions. The tutorials will usually encourage you to explore research problems or clinical applications related to the subject under study, so that you will gradually broaden your academic horizons as you progress through the course. Your tutors will take a continuing interest in your academic development, and aim to offer support, guidance and provocation, as required.


You will take Part 1 of your BM BCh medical degree in year 1 and 2, and complete an honours BA in Medical Sciences in year 3. Successful completion of these two components will entitle you to proceed to the Clinical Course in Oxford (part 2 of the BM BCh degree). Small-group clinical teaching sessions are provided most weeks, and coordinated by a fellow of clinical medicine who also works as a hospital physician. We aim to nurture clinical and diagnostic skills in a supportive environment, drawing from a pool of senior medics and surgeons affiliated to the college to enable teaching to be tailored to the needs and interests of the individual students.