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We admit six Engineering Science students each year.

The Course

The Engineering degree course is of four years' duration. The first year consists of the study of Mathematics, Materials and Solid Mechanics, Energy and the Environment, and Electronics and Information Engineering. The Preliminary Examination is taken at the end of the first year. In their second year, Engineering Science undergraduates continue with the study of the central themes of engineering (i.e. Mathematics; Electronics and Information Engineering; Structures, Materials and Dynamics; and Energy Systems). In addition, there are opportunities to take optional courses in topics with a practical bias, such as ‘Computer-Aided Design', ‘Surveying' or ‘Energy and Environment'. The core papers are examined at the end of the second year. The final two years of the course are taken up with the study of further specialized topics and a substantial amount of practical work. The final examination is taken in three parts: Part A at the end of the second year, Part B at the end of the third year and Part C at the end of the fourth year.

The central focus of undergraduate academic life in College is the tutorial. Undergraduates receive two tutorials a week during the first two years of the course. During the latter stages of the course undergraduates attend classes organised by the Engineering Department.

The main Engineering tutors are Professor Harvey Burd and Dr Perla Maiolino. Professor Harvey Burd's current research is focussed on the application of computational modelling procedures in Civil Engineering design, including the development of efficient design methods for the foundations of offshore wind turbine structures, and procedures to assess the risk of damage to buildings caused by nearby underground construction. Dr Perla Maiolino is interested in the development of tactile sensing technologies and in achieving Robot autonomy through tactile perception. Also, Dr Ed Walsh, Supernumerary Fellow in Engineering, has research interests in microfluidics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and energy. Professor Houlsby holds the chair of Civil Engineering and is a Professorial Fellow of the College.

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Overseas Applicants

Brasenose welcomes applicants from overseas. Please see the University guidance for International Students for further information about qualifications and interviews.