Economics and Management

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We admit six Economics and Management students each year. Mathematics at A level or equivalent is a required qualification for admission.

The Course

Economics and Management provides undergraduates with an opportunity to combine theoretical and applied Economics with a range of Management disciplines, from accounting and finance to marketing and strategic management.

Economics and Management offers a wide range of options. This allows you to choose anywhere in the range, from six subjects in Economics and two in Management to two subjects in Economics and six in Management. The degree course thus caters for those seeking to specialize in Management or in Economics or to mix the two. The first year lays the foundations for more advanced work to be done in the second and third years, involving three papers: one each in Economics, Management, and Financial Management. It allows you to fill gaps arising from the subjects you covered in your final years at school and to decide the areas in which to specialize later. There is a Preliminary Examination at the end of the first year. In the second and third years, you will take six Economics and Management papers, chosen from a range of available options many of which are taught by Brasenose tutors.  It is also possible to write a short thesis based on independent research in place of one of the options.

The Economics tutors are Dr Banu Demir Pakel and Dr Sergio de Ferra. Dr Banu Demir Pakel's research interests cover international tarde and development, whereas Dr Sergio de Ferra's research interests cover international macroeconomics, soverign debt and default, fiscal policy, capital flows and the Euro area.

The Management tutors are Professor Christopher McKenna and Professor Eric Thun. Professor McKenna studies global business history and strategy while Professor Thun looks at business in China and international business, with a focus on the dynamics of competition in emerging markets.

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Students frequently find jobs in finance or consulting but also in the government, development agencies, and media to name just a few. Others go on to do graduate studies and teaching. Economics and Management graduates often say that their employers welcome the knowledge and practical orientation of those who have taken the course.