Applying to Brasenose as a Care Experienced Applicant

There are a growing number of students at Brasenose and Oxford more widely who are, or have been, supported by social care services or who have similar backgrounds. We are committed to ensuring that care experienced applicants and undergraduates are fully supported to help them enjoy their university experience and thrive on course.

If a care experienced individual applies to the University of Oxford, their contextual score will take into account whether they have been in care for more than three months (as reflected in the UCAS application, and subject to later verification checks). Further to that, care experienced applicants that select Brasenose as their preference, or are allocated to us, are encouraged to contact us to discuss any particular needs or ask questions. We are always happy to hear from care experienced applicants and have worked with individuals and their supporters, including a range of virtual schools, at the different stages of the application process.

With a number of care leavers currently already studying at Brasenose College, we have experience of assisting our students to navigate fees and funding issues. The University prioritises care leavers for a Crankstart Scholarship. For those starting their undergraduate course in October 2021, if they have ever been in social care for more than three months, may be eligible for a non-repayable annual bursary of up to £7,200 per year. Please visit here for more information about Oxford University’s bursaries and scholarships.

Brasenose supports care progression in many other ways, including:

What we can offer you:

  • Accommodation for all years of study, including the vacations if this is needed
  • Advice and support from the College’s Care Progression  Lead
  • We can usually offer guidance from a current student on course from a care experienced background.
  • Support from the College welfare team, including a Welfare Officer, who can respond to your individual needs.
  • Access to counselling provision from our on-site counsellor and via the University Counselling Service
  • Access to further financial support as appropriate

In addition to this, the wider University also supports care experienced students in a number of ways. It is able to draw on expertise within the Rees Centre which is one of the leading research groups aiming to improve the education, wellbeing and life outcomes of those who have been supported by social care services.

The College’s Care Progression leads are the Senior Tutor, Dr Simon Smith, and the Schools Officer, Dr Joe Organ. Please get in touch, or ask a teacher or social worker to contact [email protected] if you would like to discuss things further.

Prospective Students

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