2024 Frankland Visitor - Joanna Kavenna - What the hell is going on with the Shock of the New?

Is novelty always required for art, literature and ideas to be important, or can we find value in traditional forms?  What of AI art, post-modern irony, deep fakes and metatext?  Is it possible to have a truly original thought? Are we condemned to retromania, or is there still a possibility of the New?

A panel discussion with Colin Burrow (All Souls Fellow, author of Imitating Authors), Eliane Glaser (BBC producer and author), Joanna Kavenna and Christopher Timpson (Brasenose fellow, author of Quantum Information Theory and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics)

Recorded: Friday 10 May 5:30pm - Amersi Foundation Lecture Room

Watch the discussion online here