Principal's Conversations with Professor Jayne Birkby

Generously supported by Robert & Lynne Krainer

The Principal hopes you will join him tomorrow Tuesday 26th April, with his special guest speaker Professor Jayne Birkby, in a Principal’s Conversation at 5.30pm in the Amersi Foundation Lecture Room, which will be followed by a drinks reception.

Jayne is a Tutorial Fellow in Physics at BNC and Associate Professor of Exoplanetary Science.  She will be discussing her research on studying the atmospheres of some of the 5000+ other worlds now known beyond our Solar system, and how this extraordinary eclectic zoo of exoplanets is helping us to understand Earth and its place in the universe.  She will also talk about the telescopes being built right now that will enable us for the first time to search for life elsewhere in the Milky Way.  Jayne will also discuss more broadly about astronomy and astrophysics, the career path she has taken, and efforts to make astronomy research accessible to everyone.


Recorded on: Tuesday 26 April 2022 at 5.30pm



Watch a recording by clicking here

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