Brasenose Giving Day 2022

The Giving Day is a digital campaign that seeks to celebrate the impact donations have on college and to encourage alumni to join our wonderful community of donors. Alumni will have a series of emails landing in their inboxes, each with a story, images, or a challenge encouraging them to give back to college.

Gifts given during this campaign all go to the Brasenose Annual Fund. This is money spent in-year, and it supports a multitude of projects – with every penny playing its part in providing essential support for our students.

Any gifts made this year will help Brasenose continue to provide the high standards of teaching and learning it prides itself on. Gifts can also help provide financial help for a student that needs it, or pay for membership and expenses for a sport or society. The annual fund adds jet fuel for the duration of their studies, for students who have already distinguished themselves and earned a place at college. This ensures that Brasenose continues to be a place that shapes great minds and figures of the future.

The Giving Day seeks to give College the resources it needs so that it can continue giving students the full, undiluted Brasenose experience.

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