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WelcometoBNC2As the UCAS deadline approaches, if you are applying to Oxford University, then you might be pondering your college choice. First and foremost, college choice isn’t something to worry about. All colleges have signed up to a Common Framework on Admissions which means that the application process is the same for your course at every college. Whichever college you join, you will be studying for the same course and will have the same examinations and Oxford degree at the end of your studies.

Brasenose offers a range of arts, sciences and social sciences courses, delivered by a dynamic set of tutors. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, diverse and exciting place to live and study, where accommodation is offered for all years of study right in the heart of the city. Why not have a read of what our students think of our College?

Further information about being part of the Brasenose community can be found on our prospectus pages, including the student-written Alternative Prospectus and some videos.

So, why not pick Brasenose as your College preference? University admissions systems are designed to ensure that no candidate is disadvantaged because of their college choice, and this is certainly applicable to Brasenose. As you might like to read in our admissions report from last year, around 1 in 5 Brasenose applicants were offered a place to study at Oxford, which is the same as the overall University proportions. Of the UK student Brasenose offer holders, 60% were educated in the state sector, which is above the University average.

So, there should be nothing to stop you picking Brasenose if you like what we can offer. As one of our students, Beth Jenkinson puts it “I chose Brasenose College because I came to visit and loved it, and I’ve never looked back since! College choice isn’t something to stress about and don’t try to play a strategic game – just pick one you like.”

For more information please see our undergraduate admissions pages.

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