The College's hall is situated on the south side of the Old Quadrangle, which was constructed in the 16th century. Members of College have dined in this room since the 1520s and continue to do so to this day. The basic structure of the hall has changed little since it was built, though the interior is very different to how it appeared in the 16th century, when it was heated with charcoal braziers, the smoke escaping through a louvre in the open timber roof.

On either side of the hall are two oriel windows. The original window overlooking the Old Quadrangle contains portraits of the college founders, heraldic shields and a 'brazen-nose'. The other oriel window overlooks Deer Park, and was added in 1683. This window contains the arms of England and France, put up to commemorate a visit from Louis XVIII of France in 1808. The external decoration of the hall includes statues of the founders on the parapet, added by Principal Samuel Radcliffe in the 17th century and two further statues over the main entrance, which are said to be the 9th century philosopher John Scottus Eriugena and King Alfred.

The interior panelling dates from the 1680s and is the work of Arthur Frogley, a well-known Oxford craftsman. In 1748 a chimney and fireplace was built in the south wall. Without braziers, an open timber roof and louvre were no longer required, and the present plaster ceiling was erected in 1754. The hall was then paved in 1763, at a cost of £90. There is a door behind the high table, the purpose of which was to give the Principal easy access to the hall from his lodgings. The Brazen Nose which hangs above the high table was placed on the wall in 1890. Some of the College's portrait collection now adorns the walls of the hall. These portraits are of College members and benefactors, and more can be read about them here.





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