Architects at Brasenose

John Jackson

  • In 1655 John Jackson was appointed overseer to build a new Chapel, Library and Cloisters at a salary of £1 per week. Though it was for a long time attributed to Sir Christopher Wren, the actual design of the Chapel has been attributed to Jackson, who was also employed as master mason at St. John’s College.

Nicholas Hawksmoor

  • Submitted designs for a New Quadrangle, and demolition/rebuild of the Old Quadrangle (unbuilt)

James Wyatt

  • Remodelled the interior of the Library 1779-1780

Philip Hardwick

  • Submitted designs for a New Quadrangle (unbuilt)
  • Advised the College on (external) renovations made to the Chapel and Library in the 1840s

Sir John Soane

  • Submitted designs for a New Quadrangle (unbuilt)
  • Probably responsible for turning the open Cloister underneath the Library into rooms (1807)

John Chessell Buckler

  • The College employed Buckler as a consultant architect. He was responsible for work completed on the restoration of the Old Quad entrance tower (1863-1866) and also for the refacing of the antechapel (1869).

Sir Thomas Graham Jackson

  • New Quadrangle and Principal’s Lodgings (now Stallybrass Law Library/Heberden/New Staircase) (1880-1911)
  • Jackson also advised Brasenose on a few other smaller projects/building issues, including in the Brasenose College Chapel and at Frewin Hall
  • Organ case (1890-1893) in Chapel

Harry Wilkinson Moore

  • Stamford House (1894-1895)

Henry Thomas Hare

  • Groundsman’s Lodge at the College Sportsground on the Abingdon Road
  • Cottages at Cropredy, Oxfordshire (part of College estate)

Philip Powell and Hidalgo Moya

  • Staircases XVI-XVIII (1960-1962) 

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