Fisher C 400Position

Nicholas Kurti Junior Research Fellow SNF Postdoctoral Mobility Fellow


BA & MSci (Cambridge), PhD (Bern)

Academic background and previous positions

I did my undergrad in maths at the University of Cambridge, after which I moved to the astronomy department for my masters. I then went to the University of Bern, Switzerland for my PhD in exoplanet atmospheres. I stayed in Bern for a short-term postdoc for one year, before moving to Oxford to start my SNF Postdoc. Mobility fellowship in the astrophysics department.

Research interests

Exoplanet atmospheres, machine learning, Bayesian inference.


Fisher & Heng 2022, ApJ, 934, 31

Fisher et al. 2020, AJ, 159, 192

Márquez-Neila et al. 2018, Nature Astronomy, 2, 719


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