Professor of Evolutionary Genomics, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Name and TitleGregorLarson

Professor Greger Larson


Professor of Evolutionary Genomics, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Nicolas Kurti Research Fellow


PhD in Zoology (Oxford)

MSt in World Archaeology (Oxford)

BA in Environment, Economics, and Politics (Claremont McKenna College)

Academic Background

Greger was an EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow in Uppsala, Sweden and was a Reader at Durham University.

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Palaeogenomics, Academic writing

Graduate Teaching Areas

Palaeogenomics, Academic writing

Research Interests

Ancient DNA, Domestication, Phylogeneitcs, Cultural and biological evolution

Recent Publications

Plassais J, vonHoldt BM, Parker HG, Carmagnini A, Dubos N, Papa I... Larson, G., Frantz, F., Ostrandre, E.A. Natural and human-driven selection of a single non-coding body size variant in ancient and modern canids. Current Biology. 2022;32: 889–897.e9.

Ryan H, Flammer PG, Nicholson R, Loe L, Reeves B, Allison E., Larson, G., Smith, A. Reconstructing the history of helminth prevalence in the UK. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 2022;16: e0010312.

Yu H, Jamieson A, Hulme-Beaman A, Conroy CJ, Knight B, Speller C... Larson, G., Orton, D. Palaeogenomic analysis of black rat (Rattus rattus) reveals multiple European introductions associated with human economic history. Nature Communications. 2022;13: 2399.

Rocha S, Trinks A, Harris DJ, Larson G., Cheke AS. The Global and Western Indian Ocean Dispersal of House Geckos From Asia Using Historical and Mitochondrial DNA Perspectives. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 2022;10.

Bogaard, A., Allaby, R., Arbuckle, B. S., Bendrey, R., Crowley, S., Cucchi, T., Denham, T., Frantz, L., Fuller, D., Gilbert, T., Karlsson, E., Manin, A., Marshall, F., Mueller, N., Peters, J., Stépanoff, C., Weide, A., & Larson, G. (2021). Reconsidering domestication from a process archaeology perspective. World Archaeology, 1–22.

Bryce, A., Caleb, M., Davis, M. S., Gompper, M. E., Hurt, A., Koster, J. M., Larson, G., Ostrander, E. A., Udell, M. A. R., Urfer, S.,& Others. (2021). Biology’s best friend: Bridging disciplinary gaps to advance canine science. Integrative and Comparative Biology 61(1): 76-92.

Feuerborn, T. R., Carmagnini, A., Losey, R. J., Nomokonova, T., Askeyev, A., Askeyev, I., Askeyev, O., Antipina, E. E., Appelt, M., Bachura, O. P., Beglane, F., Bradley, D. G., Daly, K. G., Gopalakrishnan, S., Murphy Gregersen, K., Guo, C., Gusev, A. V., Jones, C., Kosintsev, P. A., ...Larson, G., Frantz, L. (2021). Modern Siberian dog ancestry was shaped by several thousand years of Eurasian-wide trade and human dispersal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(39).

Ophélie, L., Shaymuratova, D. N., Askeyev, A. O., Sh, A. G., Laurent, F., Greger, L., Askeyev, O. V., & Askeyev, I. V. (2021). A zooarchaeological and molecular assessment of ancient chicken remains from Russia. Поволжская археология, 1 (35), 216–231.

Perri, A. R., Feuerborn, T. R., Frantz, L. A. F., Larson, G., Malhi, R. S., Meltzer, D. J., & Witt, K. E. (2021). Dog domestication and the dual dispersal of people and dogs into the Americas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(6).

Perri, A. R., Mitchell, K. J., Mouton, A., Álvarez-Carretero, S., Hulme-Beaman, A., Haile, J., Jamieson, A., Meachen, J., Lin, A. T., Schubert, B. W., Ameen, C., Antipina, E. E., Bover, P., Brace, S.,

Carmagnini, A., Carøe, C., Samaniego Castruita, J. A., Chatters, J. C., Dobney, K., ... Larson, G. Cooper, A. Frantz, L. A. F. (2021). Dire wolves were the last of an ancient New World canid lineage. Nature, 591(7848), 87–91.

Petrelli, S., Buglione, M., Maselli, V., Troiano, C., Larson, G., Frantz, L., Manin, A., Ricca, E., Baccigalupi, L., Wright, D., Pietri, C., & Fulgione, D. (2021). Population genomic, olfactory, dietary, and gut microbiota analyses demonstrate the unique evolutionary trajectory of feral pigs. Molecular Ecology.

Ramos-Madrigal, J., Sinding, M.-H. S., Carøe, C., Mak, S. S. T., Niemann, J., Samaniego Castruita, J. A., Fedorov, S., Kandyba, A., Germonpré, M., Bocherens, H., Feuerborn, T. R., Pitulko, V. V., Pavlova, E. Y., Nikolskiy, P. A., Kasparov, A. K., Ivanova, V. V., Larson, G., Frantz, L. A. F., Willerslev, E., ... Gopalakrishnan, S. (2021). Genomes of Pleistocene Siberian Wolves Uncover Multiple Extinct Wolf Lineages. Current Biology: 31(1), 198–206.e8.

Saupe, T., Montinaro, F., Scaggion, C., Carrara, N., Kivisild, T., D’Atanasio, E., Hui, R., Solnik, A., Lebrasseur, O., Larson, G., Alessandri, L., Arienzo, I., De Angelis, F., Rolfo, M. F., Skeates, R., Silvestri, L., Beckett, J., Talamo, S., Dolfini, A., ... Scheib, C. L. (2021). Ancient genomes reveal structural shifts after the arrival of Steppe-related ancestry in the Italian Peninsula. Current Biology: CB, 31(12), 2576–2591.e12.

Sinding, M.-H. S., Ciucani, M. M., Ramos-Madrigal, J., Carmagnini, A., Rasmussen, J. A., Feng, S., Chen, G., Vieira, F. G., Mattiangeli, V., Ganjoo, R. K., Larson, G., Sicheritz-Pontén, T., Petersen, B., Frantz, L., Gilbert, M. T. P., & Bradley, D. G. (2021). Kouprey (Bos sauveli) genomes unveil polytomic origin of wild Asian Bos. iScience, 24(11), 103226.



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