William Golding Senior Research Fellow
Professor of the History and Politics of Latin America, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies
Departmental Lecturer, History Faculty


BA in Law, Universidad Javeriana, Colombia
MPhil in Latin American Studies, Oxford
DPhil in Modern History, Oxford

Research Interests

History of democracy in Latin America; intellectual history, with particular emphasis on 19th century Latin America; history of the press; electoral history; history and literature – focusing on Gabriel García Márquez and Colombia; history of the Colombian Caribbean.


BA in Law (Javeriana University, Bogotá); MPhil in Latin American Studies (Oxford); DPhil in Modern History (Oxford).
Senior Lecturer, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London
Tinker Visiting Professor of Latin American History, University of Chicago
Cogut Visiting Professor of Latin American Studies at the Watson Institute of International Studies, University of Brown
Visiting Fellow, Kellogg Institute, University of Notre Dame

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

History of Latin America

Graduate Teaching Areas

Latin American History after Independence
The Politics of Democracy in Latin America

Selected Publications:

La novela como historia: García Márquez, Barranquilla y Carnaval (forthcoming, Penguin Random House Mondadori Colombia, 2018).

(With Mark Philp), ‘Liberalism and Democracy’, chapter in Joanna Innes and Mark Philp, Re-imagining Democracy in the Mediterranean, 1750-1860 (Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2018).

 (With Andrew Robertson, eds.),  The Oxford Handbook of Revolutionary Elections in the Americas, 1800-1910, (in progress, to be published by Oxford University Press in New York in 2018).

‘Translating the US Constitution for the Federal Cause in New Granada at the Time of Independence, 1811’, chapter in book edited by David Hood and Graciela Iglesias, Translations in Times of Disruption (Palgrave, 2017).

‘Las prácticas electorales en Chile, 1810-1970’, chapter in Iván Jaksić and Juan Luis Ossa, eds., Historia política de Chile (forthcoming, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico/Santiago, 2017).

‘Congresses versus Caudillos: The Untold History of Democracy in Latin America, With Special Emphasis on New Granada (Colombia), 1830-1860.  A New Research Agenda’, article in Parliaments, Estates and Representation (June 2017). 

(General Editor) Colombia, 1808-2000, 5 volumes (Taurus: Madrid, 2010 – 2016).

‘La vida política’, chapter in E. Posada-Carbó, ed., Colombia.  La apertura al mundo, 1880-1930 (Taurus, 2015).

(With Iván Jaksic), ‘Shipwrecks and Survivals: Liberalism in Nineteenth Century Latin America’, Intellectual History Review, 23:2 (June 2013).

(Co-editor/ with Iván Jaksic) Liberalismo y poder.  Latinoamérica en el siglo XIX (Santiago, Chile, 2011).

‘The Catholic Church, Elections and Democracy in Colombia, 1830-1930’, The Kellogg Institute Working Papers, # 387 (University of Notre Dame, September 2012).

‘Elections, Politics and Newspapers in Colombia, 1830-1930’, The Historical Journal, 53:4 (December 2010).

‘Democracy’, chapter in Jay Kinsbruner (Editor in Chief), The Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture (Scribner and Sons, 2008).

(Single author book) La nación soñada.  Violencia, liberalismo y democracia en Colombia (Bogotá: Editorial Norma: Bogotá, 2006, reprinted in 2007).


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Weekly columnist in El Tiempo, Colombia.




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