Perry Adam


Tutorial Fellow and Dean, Brasenose College;
Associate Professor, Faculty of Law


BA (Winnipeg), LLB (Victoria), BCL, MPhil, DPhil (Oxford)

Academic Background and Previous Positions

Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute (2011-12)
Lecturer in Law, University of Aberdeen (2012-14)
Lecturer in Law, Queen Mary University of London (2014-15)

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence

Graduate Teaching Areas

Constitutional Theory

Research Interests

Administrative Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence


‘Plainly Wrong’, Modern Law Review (forthcoming) (SSRN)

‘Interpretive Theory in Public Law’ in P. Daly and J. Tomlinson (eds), Researching Public Law in Common Law Systems (Edward Elgar) (with F. Ahmed) (forthcoming)

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‘Review: Parliamentary Democracy in Crisis’, University of British Columbia Law Review, 2010, vol. 43, pp. 269-279

‘Unlucky Section 13: Sexual Activity Between Children and the Sexual Offences Act 2003’, King’s Law Journal, 2009, vol. 21, pp. 327-339

Other Regular visiting scholar at the University of Melbourne. Co-editor of the Admin Law Blog.

E-mail [email protected]


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