Grabowska-Zhang AdaPositions

Lecturer in Biological Sciences, Brasenose College 
Research Associate, Department of Zoology


BA(Oxon), DPhil(Oxon)

Academic Background and Previous Positions

I completed my DPhil in behavioural ecology at the department of Zoology, Oxford, in 2012. During this time I researched the fitness consequences of social behaviour in the great tit ( Parus major).

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Animal Behaviour, Evolution, Social Evolution, Animal Cognition, Statistics, Cells and Genes

Graduate Teaching Areas


Research Interests

I have broad research interests ranging from evolutionary ecology to conservation and society, all revolving around birds. For my doctorate I studied social evolutionary processes in a common British bird, the great tit. My post-doctoral research involved linking bird conservation to culturally-relevant knowledge of birds in traditional communities. The project involved creating an open platform for sharing cultural knowledge of birds. My current research interests lie within the area of citizen science.


Grabowska-Zhang A, 2016 Around the World in 80 Plants: An Edible Perennial Vegetable Adventure in Temperate Climates. Ethnobiol Lett 7:26-27

Wyndham FS, Grabowska-Zhang AM, Gosler AG, Park KE, Fanshawe J, Nathan D, Fletcher H, Del Hoyo J. (2015) The ethno-ornithology world archive (EWA): an open science archive for biocultural conservation. Chilean Journal of Ornithology vol. 21(2)

Grabowska-Zhang A.M., Sheldon B.C., Hinde C.A. 2012 Long-term familiarity promotes joining in neighbour nest defence. Biol Lett 8, 544-546.

Grabowska-Zhang A.M., Wilkin T.A., Sheldon B.C. 2012 Effects of neighbor familiarity on reproductive success in the great tit (Parus major). Behav Ecol 23(2), 322-333.


[email protected]

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