Lecturer in Mathematics, Brasenose College
Departmental Lecturership at the Department of Statistics


Dipl.-Math. (Münster), MSc (Manchester), PhD (Paris)

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

Probability, Statistics, Actuarial Science and Pure Mathematics

Graduate Teaching Areas

Probability theory

Research Interests

Random tree structures, continuum random trees, branching processes, Lévy processes

Recent Publications

Chen, B. and Winkel, M.: Restricted exchangeable partitions and embedding of associated hierarchies in continuum random trees. Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Vol. 49, No. 3, 839--872 (2013)

Pitman, J., Rizzolo, D. and Winkel, M.: Regenerative tree growth: structural results and convergence. Electron. J. Probab.19 (2014), no.70, 1--27

Pitman, J. and Winkel, M.: Regenerative tree growth: Markovian embedding of fragmenters, bifurcators and bead splitting processes. arXiv:1304.0802 to appear in Ann. Prob. (2014)

Eckhoff, M., Kyprianou, A. E. and Winkel, M.: Spines, skeletons and the Strong Law of Large Numbers for superdiffusions. arXiv:1309.6196 to appear in Ann. Prob. (2014)

He, H. and Winkel, M.: Invariance principles for pruning processes of Galton-Watson trees. arXiv:1409.1014 (2014)


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