Information for applicants 2020-21

Information for Brasenose applicants in 2020-21 UCAS cycle

Thank you for submitting an application to Brasenose College! The information below is for candidates that have applied by the 15th October 2020 deadline for entry in 2021 or 2022.

Pre-shortlisting information

NOTE: If you have applied for A100 Medicine this information will not apply to you – please refer to any communication you have received from the Medical School instead.

This section contains all of the information you will have received in your acknowledgement email (plus a few extra bits!). Please read all of the information in your acknowledgement email very carefully.

A checklist of what you might (depending on the requirements for your chosen course) be required to do next is provided below, followed by further details regarding each step:

  • Sit any required test(s) at your school/test centre, if registered.
  • If you have applied to read Fine Art, you are required to submit your portfolio to the Ruskin School of Art online here by 6pm on 5 November 2020. You will need to use your UCAS number to complete your submission.
  • Submit any required Written Work at by 10 November 2020.
  • Please check to make sure you are available during the scheduled slot for interviews in your subject. If you are not you must contact the Admissions Officer as soon as possible.
  • If you have declared a disability on your UCAS application then you should provide us with further information on your declared disability so that we can make appropriate, reasonable adjustment at interview.
  • If you have a disability that you have not already disclosed on your UCAS application, you should let us know so that we can make appropriate, reasonable adjustment at interview.


If you have not registered for a test that you are required to take then you should contact us to explain the reasons for this. It is now too late to register you for tests. Please contact us at [email protected] if this applies to you – we may also require your school or test centre to contact us.

Fine Art Portfolios

Fine Art Portfolios should be submitted directly to the Ruskin School of Art no later than 6pm on 5 November 2020. For further details please see The College bears no responsibility for the delivery (and subsequent collection) of portfolios.

Submission of Written Work

If your chosen course requires the submission of Written Work then please ensure you are aware of these exact requirements by visiting

You should submit your Written Work using our online submission portal at by selecting ‘UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE ADMISSIONS’ and then ‘Written Work Submission’. This form will ask you to provide your UCAS Personal ID as well as your name and email address.

Each piece of work should be a separate pdf file and should constitute a document consisting of the piece itself and the Written Work Cover Sheet together. The Written Work Cover Sheet should be the first page of the document. If you are required to include a translation into English then you should include this in the same document.

If you are unable to use the online submission portal you can, alternatively, send your Written Work attached to an email to [email protected]. We will not accept hard copies of written work this year, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

We are not able to accept work hosted on file sharing sites such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Work submitted through the online portal will be immediately acknowledged upon receipt, however it may take us some time to acknowledge submissions by email or post.

The deadline for the submission of Written Work is 10 November 2020 – this is the date by which it is to arrive.

Shortlisting and Interviews

If you are shortlisted for interview we will contact you by email in advance of the December interview period.

Please check the interview timetable (link below) to ensure you are available during the given slot. If you are not available or there are any issues then you should contact the Admissions Officer immediately at [email protected] (Medicine applicants should instead contact the Medical School).

For all interview candidates

The interview timetable, as well as further information regarding interviews, can be found here:

Note that due to the differing volume of applications each college receives for each course, there is a possibility that some candidates will be reallocated to another college for interview if shortlisted. Candidates are not given an opportunity to express a second college preference.

We aim to give two weeks of notice to candidates when sending out shortlisting decisions, however in some cases this may not be possible. You should, however, find out if you have been shortlisted no less than five working days before interviews for that subject commence. Decisions are usually sent all together for a given subject at Brasenose, but there can be significant differences between decisions being sent out between subjects and between colleges. We try to keep candidates updated on The Student Room forums ( when we can, but a full list of subjects for which we have already sent shortlisting decisions is below:

Subjects for which shortlisting decisions have now been communicated

No shortlisting decisions have been sent yet!


If you have declared a disability on your application we will shortly be contacting you to ask for further information regarding this. In particular we will need to know if there are any special arrangements or support that would help you, so that we can make an appropriate, reasonable arrangements for you in good time, if you are invited to interview. If you have a disability that you have not already disclosed on your UCAS application, please let us know.

Mentioning your disability or Specific Learning Difficulty will not affect your application, as admissions decisions are made solely on the basis of academic criteria. Information provided may be shared with colleagues in the college (and University more widely) who would be involved with making any required arrangements. Please refer to for further information on sources of support for students with disabilities.

UCAS Declaration and contact details

Candidates are reminded of the declaration they made on their UCAS application that the information provided is true, complete and accurate and no information has been omitted. If any details have been missed or entered incorrectly please contact the Admissions Office immediately at [email protected].

Applicants are reminded that further, unsolicited testimonials additional to the reference on the UCAS form cannot be considered. Any amendments to the UCAS reference must be submitted by the UCAS referee and will be considered at the discretion of the selectors.

If you need to change any of your contact details you can do so in UCAS directly, but we would also ask you to confirm this with the Admissions Office by sending an email to [email protected] to ensure we have up-to-date contact details for you.

Contacting your school/referee

The College will not communicate decisions or feedback to your school or referee at the end of the admissions process without your express permission. Should your school or referee wish to discuss your application with us they should seek your permission to do this, and you can provide this permission by sending us an email. The College may, however, contact your referee without explicitly seeking your consent if information is missing from your UCAS application (such as grade predictions, or other information relating to your qualifications).

Contacting the Admissions Office

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the College’s Admissions Office on 01865 277510 or [email protected]. Please ensure you contact us using the email address given in your UCAS application, and include your UCAS Personal ID in the subject of your email. Note that we are unable to communicate shortlisting decisions or otherwise discuss the outcome of applications over the phone.