This information, guidance and FAQs remains live and will be amended as Government, University or PHE guidance changes and college wide feedback is received.

All Covid queries or questions to [email protected] not individual staff.


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Covid-19 Briefing


Brasenose College

We have been working hard to ensure that Brasenose is Covid-Secure ( and a safe place for staff and students.

The links below reflect some of the new practical changes to the way we work which have been recommended by the various Return to Residence work streams, underpinned by expert medical and H&S advice and local College risk assessments.

The College will operate as normally as possible within current guidelines.

The College has drawn up plans to maintain safety and minimise infection transmission. Guidance for academics, staff and students is below.

While the College will do its best to ensure the safe return of its staff and students it needs everyone’s cooperation and understanding to achieve this.

It is also important that the way we work can be adapted quickly to new restrictions that may be introduced if the virus starts to spread more rapidly.

Any Covid related questions, concerns or queries should be directed to [email protected] not individual members of staff.

We hope that you will enjoy your return to College and look forward to seeing you


General Guidance


Overall approach

Face covering policy

Wellbeing Advice

College Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Advice on Vulnerable Groups


Guidance for Students


Isolation Guidance and FAQs

International Arrivals Guidance

Students’ Domestic Arrangements from 17th May 2021


Guidance for Staff


General Staff Guidance

Fellows/Academics Room Audit

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