Changes to the Society to be proposed at the September 2021 AGM

Following an extensive review by the Committee, various changes regarding the governance of the Society are proposed to be put to the AGM in September 2021.  Together with other recent changes introduced by the Committee, these are largely for clarification purposes, making official the practices and understandings of the Society’s role that have evolved over recent years.

Proposed change to Society’s name

It is proposed to change the name of the Society to The Brasenose Alumni Society, so that its function will be immediately visible to all.


Proposed change to membership

It is proposed to clarify the membership of the Society, to include not just past students of the College, but also certain past members of staff.  Thus “alumni” in the Society title will encompass more than just ex students.


Proposed change to ex officio Committee members

To reflect the changing roles of academic staff, and the use of the College’s largely online communication rather than through The Brazen Nose, the two ex officio roles on the Committee are proposed to be replaced with a single Academic Member, who will be selected by the College and the Development Office and change from time to time.

The formal wording for the three resolutions required to effect these changes will be communicated nearer the time.