Principal's Blog: Early May


blogBowerscrop1Thank you all for your co operation in this first week of a Term Like No Other. My thanks to students, Fellows and staff for pulling together. I am delighted to hear that Remote Teaching is operating with only a few teething problems. We have now completed two Governing Bodies by MSTeams. I am sure that we are all missing our normal College events. I am ticking off the events we would have wanted to go to. Also special thanks to our Investment Advisory Committee for making themselves available for a special session.

I am working on a Remote Principals Conversation on the covid crisis. Details will be available next week. Keep safe.


I pay tribute to or Golding Senior Fellow Professor Charles Hulme (Department of Education) for being involved in a randomised controlled trial of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention during 2018/19 with 1,156 pupils in 193 schools across England. It was funded by the Nuffield Foundation and has just been published by Oxford University Press. The trial, supported by the Education Endowment Foundation, was a large-scale effectiveness trial, which tested the programme in everyday conditions. The independent evaluator found the programme to be highly effective and to improve the language skills of four- and five-year

I have been reading Nick Timothy’s Remaking One Nation; the Future of Conservatism. He used part of the book in an address last year to our PPE Society. I also read Derek Penslar on Herzl and A Very Stable Genius by Phuilip Rucker and Carol Leonnig which could only be about one person.

I look forward to reading a book by our alumnus Paul Higdon Hope and a Future: Life, Survival, and Renewal on the Streets of an African Slum, which captures one of the most amazing chapters of his 20 years of philanthropic work in Africa. 

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