the_queen_at_brasenose_college.jpgHer Majesty The Queen visited Brasenose College on the 2nd December 2009. This was her second visit to the College. As Princess Elizabeth, The Queen lunched in Brasenose when she visited the University in 1948. Other monarchs who have visited the College include Queen Elizabeth I, in 1562 and 1592, King James I in 1605, and King George III in 1786.

A large number of students, Fellows and staff gathered on Old Quad lawn to welcome The Queen to the College.

0020a.jpgThe Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron MP, returned to Brasenose College on the 14th November 2009. He graduated in 1988 with a First Class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He spoke with the Principal and Senior Tutor, and with his former tutors, Vernon Bogdanor and Anthony Courakis, before delivering a brief speech in the Sheldonian Theatre to more than 450 members of Brasenose College. This included most of the College's undergraduates and graduates together with many of the fellows, lecturers and staff.
Princess Alexandra Obolensky, the niece of the late Prince Alexander Obolensky (BNC 1934), will be participating in a telephone interview on Ipswich Community Radio's breakfast show on Monday 9th November 2009 at 08:25am.

David Cameron MP (BNC 1985) appeared at a sell-out event during the Woodstock Literary Festival in conversation with Prof. Vernon Bogdanor (BNC 1966) on Thursday 17th September 2009.

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