Dr Llewelyn Morgan on Radio 4

Morgan.JPGA recent edition of BBC Radio 4's Something Understood is hosted by Brasenose Classics Fellow, Dr Llewelyn Morgan. In the programme, he recounts how he came across an old Russian samovar, a kind of kettle, in his grandmother's attic. The object was a mystery, but a quick polish revealed an inscription that had remained secret for many years; "Kandahar 1881". Using his flair for piecing together the past through objects and fragments of information, Dr Morgan was compelled to attempt to track down the owner of the samovar by trawling through thousands of names and places that appear in the census. The programme includes readings from John Donne, Keith Douglas, J G Farrell and Lionel Shriver and music by Maurice Ravel, Alfred Schnittke, and Fridge.

Something Understood - Tiny Survivals was broadcast on Sunday 12th September 2010.

Dr Morgan joined Brasenose College in 1997, and has a special interest in Roman literature. He has published on Virgil, Ovid, Horace, satire, historiography and metrical form. He also has interests in numismatics (the study of coins), the classical tradition, and the Greeks in India.

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