0020a.jpgThe Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron MP, returned to Brasenose College on the 14th November 2009. He graduated in 1988 with a First Class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He spoke with the Principal and Senior Tutor, and with his former tutors, Vernon Bogdanor and Anthony Courakis, before delivering a brief speech in the Sheldonian Theatre to more than 450 members of Brasenose College. This included most of the College's undergraduates and graduates together with many of the fellows, lecturers and staff. Following the speech, he spent half an hour answering a wide variety of questions put to him by Brasenose students.

David Cameron returned to the College afterwards and chatted informally with many of the students in Hall. Georgina Hood, a Philosophy, Politics and Economics finalist, commented "he chatted very pleasantly to everyone, and seemed interested in how we were all finding life at Brasenose nowadays... it was an enjoyable and inspiring experience to meet an alumnus who is at the forefront of UK politics".